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There are many things that people think about when moving to a city such as New York City. First, the size of it can be quite frightening. With over eight million people, trying to navigate through the city can be a nightmare. Then, there is the search for a place to live, for work – and finally, for a good moving company. Finding the right movers is important – after all, this is who can make or break your move! And to find them, you need to look into moving estimate NYC. Luckily, IPS NYC Movers are here to guide you through the moving estimates, what they mean and what you should look into! Call us today and we will even give you a moving quote of our own!

A view of NYC's skyline.
The Big Apple is an amazing city – but it can be quite a big bite for people moving here!

What is a moving estimate NYC and how to get one

If you have never moved before, then hearing phrases moving estimate or moving quotes NYC can be confusing. These are the things you usually do not have a chance to work with in everyday life, and so you might not know what they are and what different types of estimates exist out there.

When professional movers like IPS NYC Movers talk about an estimate, they think of the paperwork attached to your Bill of Lading. This is also what you will get with your moving contract, and it is the piece of paper you get with the cost of your move as well as many other things. Usually, and estimate will include our name and our address – as well as our costs. Then, we include the miles we need to travel and the estimated weight of your items, together with the discounts you may have.

money - save it with moving estimate NYC
Plan your budget well with good moving estimates!

Going even further, a moving estimate NYC will include all services that you want us to do for you. From our reliable packing services to any storage charges – everything that we use to make your move better, we will write down. This way, we can calculate and estimate just how much it will cost you to move using our services.

How do we calculate a moving estimate NYC?

There are multiple ways that we can figure out the moving rates NYC for you! The two most common ways to do this:

  1. First, we can charge you based on an hourly rate. This calculation will include the number of movers you need to use, as well as the size of the vehicle or moving truck we can send you. This usually applies for local moves.
  2. The second way that we can estimate your NYC moving costs is by the weight of your items. Then, we use this number and factor the miles we will need to travel to give you an estimate.

There are also three different types of estimates that you can get from a moving company. There is a non-binding estimate, a binding on and a binding not to exceed moving estimate NYC. Each of them has a different set of advantages and disadvantages, and they are all useful in different situations. Because of this, let’s take a look at all of them separately.

Non-binding moving estimate

The first estimate we are looking into is a non-binding moving estimate. However, what you get with this is a sliding moving cost. What that means is that these documents don’t hold your mover to the cost they estimated. Sometimes, the cost can be lower than what we originally thought – but sometimes, it can be higher! This might be tricky if you are working with a fraudulent mover, but luckily, IPS NYC Movers are very reliable! If the costs of the move exceed this type of estimate, you won’t have to pay more than the cost plus 10% of it.

10 percent sign
Be careful about how much you need to pay!

However, FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) does require you to pay charges due on the total shipment. The moving company can bill you for them after 30 days from delivery. This means that you will have about a month to pay the cost difference. This is the reason why so many people pick the other type of moving estimate – a binding one.

The binding moving estimate NYC

People usually call the binding estimate more reliable – but this is why these cost more. They take a lot of time to make, and the estimator will need precise measurements of your items. We will quote you a price, and then we will hold to that number. By getting a binding estimate, you will have cost certainty. You can plan your budget around it because the cost will not budge!

The downside of this type of moving estimate is that it cannot go any lower just like it cannot go higher. This way, once you agree to it, you will have to pay it even if the actual cost is lower. Of course, the important thing to note is that in both cases, you cannot change the items you are moving. You will need to pack only what’s on the document – nothing more and nothing less!

Binding not to exceed moving estimate

Finally, you can contact us to get a binding not to exceed moving estimate NYC! You might have heard about this one by other names – a guaranteed price or price protection. Basically, we will adjust the price of the move if the total cost is lower than the estimated. Conversely, if it is higher – you won’t need to pay any extra costs! This is a consumer-friendly estimate because it will suit you the best. It takes the bad out of the binding estimate and removes it completely! IPS NYC Movers always values affordability, and that’s what you will get when working with us