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Whatever items you need to keep in a safe place, you’ll be safe choosing premier Astoria storage units. IPS NYC Movers provide you with premium solutions!
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Whatever items you need to keep in a safe place, you’ll be safe choosing premier Astoria storage units. IPS NYC Movers have units of the perfect size and on premium locations. And, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect storage solutions at a great price! We have a great variety of storage unit sizes, just contact your local IPS NYC Movers and we’ll find the right solution for you. Our competitive price range means you’ll only be paying for what you actually need. You won’t get any hidden fees or additional charges after signing the contract. Just a quality unit to fit all your memorabilia or any other household goods or valuables.

a storage facility, representing astoria storage units
IPS NYC Movers guarantee that you’ll find the perfect storage solutions at an affordable price.

Store your belongings safely with IPS NYC Movers!

Do you own more items and valuables than you can comfortably store at home? If you are in desperate need for some additional space, Astoria storage units are your answer! If it has been a while since you could freely fit your car in the garage or if your cupboards are bursting open because of the amount of items you have, call our residential movers! Your basement and your attic could be free space, a blank canvas for you to transform into anything you want in no time!

Leave all this extra stuff in Astoria storage units, and we’ll take care of them. For example:

  • Camping equipment usually takes up a lot of space
  • Sports equipment can be bulky 
  • Photo albums
  • Motorcycle you don’t drive in the winter
  • All those items that ‘might come in handy one day’
  • Seasonal clothing 
  • Holiday decorations 

We have plenty of conveniently located Astoria storage units for you to rent at an affordable weekly rate.

Move your belongings into clean, dry and secure Astoria storage units where you can leave them for as long as you need to. You can even use our containers, boxes and other means of packaging to help protect your things. Of course, you will be able to access them whenever you want. Even outside of opening hours when you need to arrange that with our Astoria storage facility personnel. And, also you can switch your unit for a larger or smaller one after a while if you decide to downsize or upgrade the number of items you are keeping with us. We have units of all sizes that will easily accommodate bulky furniture or all any kind of household goods.

shelves in a storage unit
Regardless of the type of items you need to store, we’ll make sure you find the storage unit you need.

There are multiple reasons why you might need to store furniture with Astoria storage units:

1. It is a great solution while you are remodeling your home:

Astoria storage units will keep your furniture safe from the remodeling chaos. It will make the renovation process quicker and easier, without the family having to climb over things.

2. Moving house:

If you move in with a partner or a new roommate, you might end up with duplicate items. Or you simply see that now you have too much stuff to handle. In that case, it’s good to rent one of IPS NYC Movers‘ premium Astoria storage units and keep your belongings for when you relocate again, into a larger home.

Another valid point when moving, Astoria storage units will come in handy if you experience a delay between selling your old home and buying a new one. If you move into temporary accommodation, you’ll need a place to store your furniture until your new home is move-in ready!

3. Student holidays:

Instead of taking all your stuff home each time you go home for the holidays, it’s much simpler (and safer) to keep them in our Astoria storage units.

Decide on the type of Astoria storage units you need

Take a good, objective look at the items you need to put into Astoria storage units. You can form a better idea of the unit size you’ll need to rent. You don’t want to rent just any unit that can fit your items. Get a unit big enough for you to enter with still a little room to work. If you ever want to be able to find something you need or rearrange the boxes while you’re renting, you don’t want to pack your storage unit full. Many people will go for the smallest possible unit available in order to save money. But that’s a mistake because you’ll end up with a unit so small that you’ll have to empty half of the storage in order to get to a box that’s in the back.

storage units shelves
Astoria storage units will come in handy if you experience a delay between selling your old home and buying a new one.

Climate-controlled storage units

If you have items that might be temperature sensitive, you’ll need climate-controlled Astoria storage units. Climate-controlled Astoria storage units are located in an indoor facility. If you’re storing valuable items, your best bet is a unit that has good security and even reliable video monitoring. Finally, if you do not have an insurance plan, you should consider putting some money into buying a policy from our reliable storage facility.

Call IPS NYC Movers and we’ll arrange everything for you!

Once you’ve decided to opt for the security of our Astoria storage units, feel free to call us and ask us about anything you are doubtful about! When you know what you actually need and want to do with your items, and once you have a good understanding of what storage room size you need, contact IPS NYC Movers and you can put a unit you like on hold. Even if you don’t know what you need just yet, our storage facility manager can assist you with that. We’ll guide you through the entire process and help you choose the best option for your unique needs.