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Moving to New York City means you need to pick a neighborhood for yourself. And the five boroughs of the Big Apple are full of wonderful neighborhoods for you to explore! Take Forest Hills for example! Sitting in the center of Queens, this mostly residential neighborhood is waiting for new people! All you need to get here are IPS NYC Movers – the best Forest Hills movers around – and you are all set! So call us today and let’s start the moving process of your dreams now!

Forest Hills movers await in Forest Hills!
Forest Hills will welcome you with open arms!

About Forest Hills, Queens

As we already mentioned, you will find Forest Hills right in the heart of Queens borough in New York City. To the north, you will find the Long Island Expressway (LIE) and to the south the Union Turnpike. The east border of the neighborhood is the Grand Central Parkway. As you can see, living here means you have connections to all parts of the city – so you can always be on the move if that is what you want! The western border is a bit harder to define, but many people place it at 102nd Street, 67th Avenue, and the former Rockaway Beach Branch or the Junction Boulevard.

One thing you need to love after Forest Hills movers bring you here is tennis. This sport is everything to the people here! The Forest Hills Stadium was the host of the U.S. Open until 1978. There is also the West Side Tennis Club, where you can enjoy the best grass courts if you are a member. But it’s not only tennis lovers who will feel at home in Forest Hills! Austin Street runs right through the heart of Forest Hills, and it is always busy! There, you will find restaurants and chain stores galore! And if you like nature, then there are Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and Forest Park right on the borders of the neighborhood. There are two of the largest parks in the whole borough of Queens, so there is a lot to enjoy!

Why get Forest Hills mover to help you with your move?

The question we often get from people ready for their move is whether they should try to find reliable Forest Hills movers or if they can do the whole thing on their own. Both of these options offer a variety of perks, but they also carry some disadvantages, too! However, experts will always recommend you use a professional moving company because the advantages outweigh the cons by a huge margin!

First, when using IPS NYC Movers, you can be sure that you are moving with someone who knows the area! New York can be like a jungle, and it can be quite easy to lose your way in it. What’s more, figuring out just where you can go and cannot go with a moving truck can be a nightmare in this city! That’s why you need professionals with experience on your side – and we are the Forest Hills movers you need!

And staying on the topic of experience, moving is not an easy feat. Everyone who has already moved once knows this, but moving for the first time means you are dealing with a sea of unforeseen tasks and troubles that will make your head hurt! Having someone there who knows exactly what steps you need to take, and how to deal with this nightmarish chore will benefit you by a huge margin!

furniture will be save with Forest Hill movers
Your items will be in safe hands – whatever they are!

Finally, moving with Forest Hills movers means you have experts handling your items and furniture. Moving around means they get to jump and bump around in the truck. Not protecting them well can only lead to damages and loss of items! With IPS NYC Movers on your side – this is ancient history!

Why move with IPS NYC Movers?

So now that you know that using Forest Hills movers is always a good idea, let’s talk about what makes our company the best out of all moving companies in Queens borough! Well, first, there are two factors that we already mentioned. We are local movers who have a lot of love for the area! After working for years in the city, we now know each alley and backstreet like it is our own! We can plan your route in great detail, picking the shortest and best streets for you!

happy family
There is nothing better than seeing a smile on our clients’ faces after a move well done!

Then, there is our experience. We have been working in the area for a while. But we didn’t sit idly doing things – we started learning and improving as much as we can! Each new moving problem only improved our services further! That’s why today we are proud to present a variety of excellent moving services you can pick from:

Contact IPS Movers today!

But most of all, we are the movers who care! Ever since we started – our main goal was to give you a successful and stress-free moving experience! We believe we have achieved this – and so many satisfied clients only concur that! However, we didn’t stop trying! Even when we improve it is so that we can offer the best service to you! So don’t waste a second longer – call us today! Best Forest Hills movers await!