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If you are looking for the best bed bug exterminator in NYC, you've come to the right place! Let IPS NYC Movers make your home bedbug free with ease!
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No one likes to find bedbugs in their homes. These creatures will hide in every corner of your home and are known for their irritating bites. Because they are so small and well-hidden, it is practically impossible to get rid of them completely without professional help. When you are looking for the best bed bug exterminator in NYC, you should turn to IPS NYC Movers. We are versed in all types of bed bug infestations and can help you rid your home of them quickly and safely. Our operators are waiting for your call!

People on the streets of New York, looking for the best bed bug exterminator in NYC.
Contact IPS NYC Movers and learn why so many people choose us!

We put our clients first in everything we do

At IPS NYC Movers, our focus is on our clients’ satisfaction. One of the main reasons that people choose our services is that we are adaptable to your needs. We also believe that each experience is unique, and will work around the clock to ensure everything goes smoothly. Whether you are relocating your home or business or looking for quality exterminators in NYC, our staff is here to help!

While we provide top-notch service to our clients, we also offer affordable rates. In order to know the approximate cost of your residential or commercial move, you should obtain an estimate first. Our consultants can present you with a free quote so that you can plan your moving budget on time.

We provide all-around services when it comes to moving

Organizing a move in New York City might seem like a burden. With over 8 million people living in the city proper, carrying boxes through crowds or driving through NYC traffic is not an easy task. However, with the help of our professionals, it will be over before you know it. While you should call us if you need the best bed bug exterminator in NYC, there are also other services we can provide you with.

Have a clean apartment before contacting the best bed bug exterminator in NYC

Bedbugs can reach even the smallest places in your home. Before you can get rid of them the right way, you need to clean your entire home. At IPS NYC Movers, we will take care of that for you. The less clutter there is, the fewer items can the bedbugs get to. Our cleaning service will make sure that everything is spotless and put away.

A clean white apartment.
A clean home is the first step to getting rid of bedbugs!

Many people also look for cleaning services when they are moving in or out of a home. Moving is a stressful process, so let us make it easier by cleaning your old or new house. We also use all the best products, which will ensure your safety as well as the safety of your home. Let our cleaning professionals do what they do best so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your new home!

Your items will be safe in our professional storage units

It is important to keep your furniture and other items in a safe place while your home is being debugged. The best way to ensure this is to put them in a storage unit. Our storage facilities are equipped with the best security systems so that you know your items are safe and intact.

Another reason to use our storage units is relocation itself. When you move, you might need a place to store your possessions until you are ready to use them or display them again. Our units are ideal for any type of storage, both short and long-term. They are also located within the NYC area, so you will be able to reach them easily and in a short amount of time.

IPS NYC will pack your home quickly and efficiently

Relocation to a new home requires many steps. One of the biggest ones is packing up all of your belongings. The worst way to go about it is to simply toss everything into moving boxes without any forethought. Just like with any other part of your move, this one needs to be handled methodically. If you want the job to be done in the most professional way, which will also free up your time and energy for other things, you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to our staff!

One of the biggest advantages of hiring IPS NYC for your packing needs is that we will provide you with the best packing materials on the market. We know which materials should be used on which items, in order to ensure that they don’t get damaged during transport. This is especially important if you have some fragile or valuable items. Don’t risk losing them by packing them the wrong way. We will also label each of your boxes so that the unpacking process is much easier as well. Save yourself the headache and stress and let us handle your packing!

See for yourself why we are the best bed bug exterminator in NYC

Bed bugs can turn into a real problem if not treated in time. Many of your items might be ruined forever. That is why it is important to act right away. Our experts will visit your home for an inspection and we will determine the next step. We will also explain each step of the process to you, so that you know exactly what we are doing and why. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from our bedbug remediation service:

  • Assessing the damage and scope of the problem during a home visit
  • Reviewing the available options for your specific case
  • Full preparation service
  • Using eco-friendly heat treatments that are safe for you and your family
  • The option of off-site fumigation treatment
A calculator and a pen on a piece of paper.
As we believe in transparency, our experts will provide you with an estimate for the bedbug extermination.

Join the long list of our satisfied customers

No matter the service you need, we can provide you with everything from the best bed bug exterminator in NYC to the best moving services in the area. Here at IPS NYC Movers, we put our clients first. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your bedbug extermination or your upcoming move. Contact our consultants and we will answer any and all questions you might have!