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Where to find affordable moving boxes in New York City?

Living in New York City is expensive. Moving in New York City can be just as expensive too. But luckily, there are ways to save money on your NYC relocation! One of the best is to get cheap or free moving and packing supplies. If you know where to find affordable moving boxes in New York City, you will save quite a bit on your supplies and therefore your relocation as a whole! So where should you go to find these mysterious cheap moving supplies? Well, you’d be surprised – finding affordable moving boxes isn’t as hard as you might think, even in New York!

Local movers are almost always a good place to find affordable moving boxes in New York City

There’s one place you can go to for all things related to moving: local movers NYC. Whether it’s just questions, supplies or professional assistance you need, your local movers can help with that. The vast majority of movers also offer packing services and packing supplies. Even if you don’t plan on relying on that for professional packing, though, you’ll most likely be able to get affordable moving boxes from movers anyway.

Moving boxes in a room.
Movers can provide you with plenty of quality moving boxes.

The best part about turning to professionals for packing supplies is that you can get specialized moving boxes. While you may be able to find regular boxes elsewhere, it’s highly unlikely you’ll get mattress boxes, wardrobe boxes, and other special boxes from anyone other than movers. Another great advantage is that the boxes movers use are always sturdy and of high quality, perfect for relocation. So getting your boxes from them ensure you have the best possible supplies specifically made for packing for a move.

You may be able to find affordable moving boxes in New York City stores

If you don’t want to get your moving supplies from movers, you may also be able to buy them from regular stores. Supermarkets like Walmart and Target may stock boxes of a variety of sizes that you can get relatively cheap. You should, however, keep in mind that these aren’t usually intended to be moving supplies. This means the boxes you get from New York movers will probably be sturdier and better suited to your needs. So they’re worth the price difference even if they do cost you a bit more.

The best way to find affordable moving boxes in New York City is to get them for free

Paying a little bit for packing services NYC and supplies is great. But do you know what’s even better? Not paying for them at all! Believe it or not, it’s perfectly possible to get packing supplies for free, even in New York. So where should you go if you want to find¬†free moving boxes in New York City?

Woman packing a box for moving.
You can also get some moving supplies for free!

Save delivery boxes to reuse later

If you shop online a lot, you’ll probably get a lot of deliveries to your home. Some of them are bound to arrive in boxes. When you start thinking about relocating, stop throwing those boxes out! Save them instead, keep them in as good of a condition as you can. They may need a bit of work – fortifying them with duct tape is always a good idea, for example. And some of them will probably not be useable. So you can’t rely on these alone for your packing supplies. But saving delivery boxes can still save you a bit of money.

The internet is a great place to look

There are very few things you can’t find on the internet. So whether you want to find affordable moving boxes in New York City or get your packing supplies for free, checking online is definitely worth a shot. A popular place to look at is Craigslist. Comb through the different ads there and you’ll surely find something that suits you! But don’t forget to check social media either: Facebook has plenty of local groups or groups focused on relocation. It won’t be too hard to find someone giving away their own old moving boxes or selling them for cheap. Scrolling through a few relevant hashtags on Twitter or Instagram can be useful as well. Finally, although not free, you can find cheap moving supplies on Amazon, eBay, and similar online stores.

Visit local grocery stores, bookstores, pharmacies and other places that receive deliveries

Your neighborhood can prove to be a good resource when looking for cheap or free packing supplies. Visit the stores in your area and ask if you can have the boxes they’re not using. Grocery stores, bookstores, pharmacies, and other types of shops get a lot of deliveries every week. Most of them have no use for the boxes their deliveries arrive in and will be happy to get rid of them by giving them away. You’ll probably be able to get quite a few differently sized boxes from them for free!

A shop that can be a good place to find affordable moving boxes in New York City.
Stores can be a great place to get free moving boxes.

Ask around at your office

Other businesses aren’t the only ones who receive deliveries – your office probably does too! You’re at work almost every day and your colleagues care about you and want to help you. So getting boxes your office doesn’t need anymore shouldn’t be a problem. Ask your boss if you have any empty boxes in the storage and save any new delivery boxes that arrive. This can be a great way to supplement your packing supply hoard.

Renting plastic bins can be a cost-effective alternative to moving boxes

Sometimes, you don’t have too much time or energy to invest in gathering packing supplies. In these cases, it may be harder to find affordable moving boxes in New York City because the most readily available ones aren’t usually that cheap. A good alternative can be to rent plastic bins. These are a bit pricier than your average moving box. But they’re often worth the price difference! They’re durable, waterproof, suitable for moving or storage and a great way to pack just about anything. So keep an open mind!

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