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What are the usual storage rental disclaimers?

Renting a storage unit is a great way to make more space in your home. To have a safe and easily accessible space where you can store just about anything. But, there are some usual storage rental disclaimers that you should be aware of. They can dictate what and how you can store in your unit. And even when you can access it. So, before you rent your unit make sure you read through some of the most common ones. 

Why are the usual storage rental disclaimers important?

There are many situations where knowing the usual storage rental disclaimers can make a big difference. They can dictate how you can use the storage unit. And what you can store in it. So, before you even start looking for Astoria storage units, it’s very important to read them. And to understand what they mean. Otherwise, you risk breaking your storage rental agreement. And even incurring extra expenses. 

importance of knowing usual storage rental disclaimers
Storage rental disclaimers can regulate many different things

What are the usual storage rental disclaimers?

Storage rental disclaimers are a part of every storage rental contract. While renting a storage unit gives you a lot of freedom, you’ll still have to abide by some rules. And they are most often dictated through storage rental disclaimers. While most storage facilities won’t get into how you organize your storage unit. They will dictate what you can and can’t store there. Disclaimers can range from obvious things – like the amount that you will have to pay. To more complex ones dictating when and how you can access your storage unit. 

Usual storage rental disclaimers regarding fees

Probably one of the first storage rental disclaimers that you’ll come across is the ones regarding payments. The standard storage rental fee will be a part of your contact. But, when it comes to late payments and damages, you’ll have to look at the disclaimers. One of the usual storage rental disclaimers is regulating what happens if you miss your payments. 

It’s important to carefully read this one because you need to know what will happen to your items if you forget to pay your bill. You don’t want your belongings going to auction or junkyard because you missed one or two payments. 

Accessibility of the storage unit

Storage units are great places to store items you are no longer using. And have easy access to them when you need to. You can simply use your old moving supplies, pack everything into those boxes, and have it safely stored in a unit. But, what happens if you want to access those things in the middle of the night? Well, it depends. And it’s all in the storage rental disclaimers. You can access some store units 24/7. While others will allow visits only during business hours. That’s why it’s important to carefully read through the storage rental agreement. And get all the information that you need.

agreeing with accessibility - one of the usual storage rental disclaimers
Before you agree to rent a storage unit make sure you are OK with accessibility disclaimers

Who can use the storage unit?

Before renting a storage unit you’ll also have to make sure who can access your unit. As that can make a huge difference in certain situations. Maybe you’ve been requesting moving quotes NYC. Looking for affordable movers to transport your old furniture to your unit. Only to find out that only you can access it. It’s not something that is common. But, some storage units might have that disclaimer. So, even though it’s not usual, it’s worth mentioning.

Usual store rental disclaimers regulate how you can use your unit

Another important aspect of usual storage rental disclaimers is that they can often regulate how you can use your unit. They won’t dictate regular things, like storing furniture. But, they will make sure that you don’t misuse your right to that unit. For example, in most cases, you won’t be able to use your unit as a warehouse. You can keep your inventory there. But you can’t use it as a place where you keep your stock. And that is a big difference. It can also make a big difference to you. As you might want to use it in a certain way. Which can, down the road, cause you to pay fines. Or even lose your unit. 

sign with forbidden items representing usual storage unit disclaimers
Disclaimers usually deal with items that you are forbidden from storing

Forbidden items

Storage units are great for storing various things. From old furniture to even your car. You can use your unit as a short-term solution. Or you can even plan long-term storage of certain items. But, there are some items that you won’t be able to store in a regular storage unit. And it’s one of the usual storage rental disclaimers that you’ll have to read. Those items are usually:

  • Dangerous, easily flammable materials
  • Combustible items like matches or batteries
  • Paints and various other chemicals
  • Live animals
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Any illegal items

It’s very important to go through the entire list of forbidden items. As you might not only be breaking your storage agreement by storing them. You might also be breaking the law. And that can cost you a lot more than a mere fee. 

Responsibility and rights are also usual storage rental disclaimers

Storage rental disclaimers can contain many different things. And one of the most important ones is this one. It dictates who is responsible in case of damage. To both the unit and the items. Maybe you’ve caused some damage when you were organizing your unit. Who will have to pay for the repairs? You or the storage unit owner? Another important aspect is the right to access the unit. Can the storage owner enter your unit? And in which situations? Usual storage rental disclaimers cover those sorts of situations. 

Make sure you read your storage rental agreement carefully

No matter what type of storage unit you are renting. Or if you are renting short-term or long-term storage. It’s important to always carefully study the storage rental agreement. It can contain many different disclaimers that can make a big difference in how you can use your unit. 





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