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What are items you should transport personally

Moving companies are extremely professional and more often than not, great at their jobs. Even when this is the case there are items you should transport personally when moving. There are few reasons for this and it is both for your sake and the sake of your moving company. Let’s take a look at what those items are.

Why you should transport some items on your own

There are some items in your home that you do not feel comfortable being handled by anyone. And this is the main reason for you to be handling them on your own. You do not need more stress on a moving day, it is already stressful enough. You be worried about your stuff even if Rego Park movers are handling them is not on our to-do list. This is nothing you should be shy about. Just state to your movers that these are the items you should transport personally and that is it.

Medical record as one of the items you should transport personally
Medical records are items you should transport personally

On the other hand, there are some things movers are not comfortable in handling. Things such as jewelry, money, and similar items should always come with you. Movers already have enough on their backs, and they should not worry about handling your money or expensive jewelry. Ease the stress on them and take those things with you.

Important paperwork

All of us have a ton of important paperwork on our hands. When you are moving all of that paperwork is coming with you. And when you are buying a new home there is even more paperwork on the way. Items you should transport personally, as paperwork include:

  1. Contracts regarding your new home
  2. Birth certificates
  3. Insurances
  4. Car paperwork
  5. Other important paperwork

There is no end to the piles of important paperwork we have in our homes. And when you are moving those must stay with you. You never know what you will need in the process of moving so it would be best to keep them with you or store them in Astoria storage units. That way you know they will be safe and sound while you are tangled up in moving house.

Therapy and medicine

Prescription therapy is something people are used to carrying with themselves at all times. Relocation should be no different. If you are moving long-distance to NYC make sure you pack a bit more in your emergency box. Always have your therapy on hand for your own sake. Especially if you are moving during the hot summer days. Some members of the household, like older parents, should also have theirs at all times.

Besides prescription therapy make sure you pack your essentials. In case you have a headache, stomach ache, or you are just feeling weak. Moving is a stressful and hard process, so always have your medicine on you. Summers can be difficult for moving especially for older people or people with existing medical conditions.

Valuable items

We have already mentioned money and jewelry as something that should always be by your side. You are not only making it easier on yourself but for your movers as well. They will do their jobs faster and better if they do not have to worry about handling those items.

It is huge pressure for them because they would be the ones to blame if something is not in the place. So spare yourself and your movers the trouble and make sure you are moving precious items with you. Movers will be grateful. They can continue their jobs without pressure and can work twice as fast.

Heirlooms are one of the items you should transport personally

Each of us has something in our holmes money can’t buy. Reminders of a great time, and irreplaceable items. You can not buy them anywhere anymore. Because that item has something others do not. And it is a sentimental value that makes it priceless. It does not matter what it is as long as it is important to you.

a china tea cup
Transport heirlooms with yourself

Heirlooms should always be at your and are items you should transport personally. That way you know they have treated properly ad with the respect they deserve. Spare yourself the heartache of accidentally losing or damaging something. Especially if you haven’t had the time to label them as fragile or to be treated with special care. This goes for paintings and artwork as well. They are often very pricey but have even greater sentimental value. Educate yourself on how to handle art during relocation so you are sure they are receiving the best care possible.

Handle your plants yourself

Plants are super sensitive and they too should come with you. We often struggle to keep them alive even in our homes. Let alone shoving them in a truck and hoping for the best. God forbid something falls on that aloe vera you have been struggling to keep alive. Same as pats, these are living and breathing and these items you should transport personally. Learning how to take care of your plants is hard and your hard work should not be undone with this move. This is one of the many reasons why moving plants with yourself is a good idea.

Items you should transport personally depend from person to person. They are some general items like jewelry and paperwork that have to be at your side at all times. Others are things you feel like handling yourself. So do not fear to take a trip or two back or forth if that is what will give you peace of mind. You will get them eventually. But you must do this your way.


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