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Useful tips for moving your furniture in NYC

So, have you decided to move to New York City? That may be the best decision in your life. It is a huge city full of opportunity and you will not regret moving there at all. But before you start thinking about all the nice things you are going to have then, you first need to think about the move itself. We can tell you one thing, it will not be easy. Especially packing and moving your furniture. In NYC apartments are usually smaller than in other cities, because of the high population density and you will have to measure if you can fit your furniture inside the apartment. Furthermore, moving bulky items like your furniture in NYC is going to require professional help. However, that does not mean that you should leave everything to them. You can pack everything yourself and let them transport the items. In this article, we will talk about the tips for moving your furniture. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

 tips for moving your furniture in NYC
You should get professional help when moving furniture

Moving your furniture in NYC – what’s to know?

As we have previously mentioned, New York apartments are smaller than the average apartment in the United States of America. This is because there are a lot of people who want to live and work in NYC. A booming economy of a bustling city is bound to have many newcomers and also many more people planning to move. Like you, for example. In addition, you will have to get some packing supplies and read about the tips for packing your furniture. We will go in-depth about all these things in this article. So, let’s see how you can do it!

Making proper organization

This is maybe the most important thing you need to pay attention to during your move. You need to make proper organization. Proper organization is vital to everything in life and that applies to moving as well. The best way to create proper organization is to create a moving checklist. A moving checklist should contain everything you need to do during your move from the beginning to the end. From deciding to move and finding an apartment, to unpacking and destressing after the move.

A box is a very important item in a move

So, grab a pen and paper, and start writing down the things you need to do in the order you plan on doing them. You should put finding a reliable moving company, getting packing supplies, and of course, packing. This may be the most vital part of your moving checklist for today’s article. Squeeze in packing your and moving your furniture in NYC and the order you want to pack it. Just think about it carefully. You do not want to make a classic blunder and pack your bed the day before your moving day, and not have a place to sleep before the move.

Getting packing supplies

Packing supplies are another thing you need to take care of before you start packing. There are most of the packing supplies we recommend using in your local hardware stores, so make sure to pay them a visit. The things you should get include packing paper, packing tape, air-filled wrap, moving blankets, foam nuggets, different sized boxes, and anything else you can think of. An important thing to keep in mind when getting packing supplies is to either buy high-quality material, or buy a lot of low-quality material. Moving blankets and packing tape is the only thing that absolutely needs to be high-quality because they are most important when packing your furniture. New York City moving companies all use high-quality packing materials so it would be wise for you to do so as well.

Measure your furniture

This is a must-do before the move. We have already mentioned that New York apartments are smaller, so you better grab that measuring tape before you start packing your huge king size bed. First, you should measure all of the furniture you plan on moving. Then you should pay a visit to your new apartment and try to visualize where you can put which piece of furniture. After the visualizing process, apply the measurements to the empty space and see if everything fits. If it does, you are good to go. If it does not, you better start thinking about getting new furniture, or just ditching some behind and creating an interior without them.

Packing and moving your furniture in NYC

Now, let’s get to packing! If you watched any packing video on the internet, you will surely get to know the basics of packing. However, if you have not, and are looking to us for help, worry not! We are here for you! So, if you want to pack your, for example, your sofa, you should get some moving blankets first. Wrap the moving blankets around the sofa, both vertically and horizontally. After that, you should put as much packing tape as you can. After that, you can put some air-filled wrap and wrap the tape around it as well.

You need to pack your sofa well

When you do that, it is time to move it to the truck. The best way to do so is to get a moving dolly. For this, you will need help from a friend. Have your friend slide the dolly underneath the sofa when you lean it on one side. Then you should take packing tape and wrap the sofa around the dolly handles and start moving the whole thing slowly towards the truck. Push the dolly and have your friend guide you through the house or apartment. If there are stairs, you should start moving very slowly, and have your friend assist you by holding the sofa from the front. After that, just keep pushing the dolly towards the truck and unload it there. Another way to do so is with moving straps. Just put the moving straps on yourself and your friend should take the other half and slowly move the bed towards the truck. Remember to carry with your legs, not your back!

Well, with all that said, we hope that you know how to pack and move furniture in NYC. Good luck with your move!

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