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Transporting a Flat-Screen TV: tips and tricks

Transporting a flat-screen TV is a delicate process that has to be done with patience and time! There are some things that can go wrong during the packing process that can easily lead to some serious damages. To make sure you can avoid such things, we wrote an article you can read about it! In it, you will learn what you have to do before the packing process, what kind of materials to use, and in the end, how to properly load the TV in the moving truck! All you have to do is continue reading and find out more!

Things to think about before transporting a flat-screen TV

The first thing you have to have in mind when you are about to move your TV is that you are transporting a valuable item! Not only that, but it is highly fragile as well! Having said that, you have to take into consideration the pre-packing process! Transporting a flat-screen TV will require to get some proper packing materials. These packing materials can be very specific, depending on what size and brand of the flat-screen TV you are transporting. But one thing is for certain, you will need the following:

  • Brand new boxes or crates – They do come in all shapes and sizes! And you will probably have no hard time finding one. Using brand new boxes is important because only then you can know that your flat-screen TV is properly protected during transportation!
  • Some wrapping materials – Essentially, very important items to have when moving your TV. Old blankets and t-shirts are a great idea! Not only will they cushion the TV in place, but also protect it from any possible scratches that can happen! But, sometimes people are not certain in their packing skills. This is why you can always hire professional IPS NYC Movers when transporting a flat-screen TV.
Blankets you can use for wrapping when Transporting a flat-screen TV
Transporting a flat-screen TV is easier when you wrap it in blankets

Other packing materials

A lot of old newspapers, packing beans or packing hay are very essential things to have when you are planning to move your big TV! Because they are filling the oddly shaped empty space in the moving box, they won’t allow the TV to move anywhere during the move! Keeping it fixated in one position will only ensure its safety!

Some packing rope or tapes – In order to fully secure your TV in the moving box and you will have to use these items! With them, you can fix those wrapping materials around the TV and fix the TV within the moving box! There are a lot of different techniques professional movers use, and this is one of the simplest ones! If you have any doubts about it, you can call your Forest Hills moving company to help you with your move!

How to take care of your flat-screen TV

There are many instances where people simply forget to take care of their electronics. This can leads to many problems in the future. Most of it, if you do not take care of your tech, you are significantly lowering its lifespan. Because there is a lot of dust in the air, it can get into it. Over time, you will notice that your tech is slowly overheating. This will surely lead to many malfunctions that can seriously damage your appliances. So, in order to prolong their work-life, make sure to know how to care for your flat-screen TV before and after you transport it to your new home. Only then you will be certain that it will last longer!

micro fiber cloths
Use micro-fiber cloths to clean your TV before packing it

Dismantle the TV before packing

Most of the time, the TV is either mounted on the wall stand or on the TV table. In both cases, you will have to do some handy work before you pack it for transportation! When it comes to wall-stands, make sure to have someone helping you. While you are discounting the TV from the stand, it can easily fall off if you are not careful enough. With someone’s help, you can be at ease and focus on unscrewing those screws. But remember to put all those little parts in one place. Usually, small boxes are a great solution when you want to keep all of the items in one place! And one other thing, remember to put labels on moving boxes! Because this is a certain way to know where you packed those items you will use to assemble the TV stand after the move!

tv on the table
Dismantle the tv stand before you pack it

Load the TV last in the moving truck

After all, is set and done, the last thing remaining is to put the TV in the moving truck. Do not place it next to something that is not stable. Or on top of the things. You will risk it to fall down and break during transportation. When transporting a flat-screen TV you have to be certain that it is placed on a firm ground without any risks of humbling over. Also, do not put anything on top of the box that you used to pack your TV in. Also, it is important to remember to put the box in an upright position. Never place it face down! Because that way it will break for sure! If you are transporting a very expensive TV then maybe the best solution is to rent a storage unit! Renting and organizing storage space is good because you can leave your TV there in a safe environment. Later you can return and grab it when you have more room in your vehicle!

Transporting a Flat-Screen TV can be a stressful task if you do not know what you are doing! Especially if this is your first relocation! The safest thing you can do is to read our article and follow our instructions! Only that way you can rest easy knowing that your TV is packed safely!

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