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Top places for freelancers in NYC

Freelancing can often be quite tough – let alone when you do it in a city such as New York City. Sharing your living quarters with a roommate (which you always must in NYC) can make working from home a living hell. With no time or place to focus, you will often dream about getting your own office space and calling office movers NYC to get your settled in. However, until you get your business off the ground, you will have to be content with some of the best places for freelancers in NYC. Luckily, the Big Apple is huge – and it offers a lot for young professionals. Today, we show you where you can finish your work without obstructions.

1. Ludlow Coffee Supply is for the people-watchers

Ludlow Coffee Supply is one of the favorite places of many freelancers finding themselves in Manhattan. Luckily, it can manage to accommodate everyone, since it is pretty big. There is a main room in the front as well as the back room, so you can make your pick. You can sit in one of the vintage cinema benches, armchairs with lovely cushions and loveseats in their lounge. There are even benches outside which can also give you a great respite from the busy life you might be living.

What’s more, they are quite welcoming. You can sit here and work without ordering the second serving of coffee for quite some time. You can even meet clients here because the atmosphere is great and the place looks amazing. It has a retro but sleek look and attracts only the trendiest people around. You might even run into a celebrity or two. This makes those fond of people-watching the perfect clientele for Ludlow Coffee Supply, and why IPS NYC Movers recommend it first for all freelancers moving to NYC.

2. Its location makes Ground Central Coffee Company one of the best places for freelancers in NYC

If you ever find yourself in Midtown East (and why wouldn’t you, since it is one of the best NYC neighborhoods for young professionals), then it is Ground Central Coffee Company that you need to pay a visit. It gets its name from the Grand Central Station since it is just a quick walk away. It’s a cafe and bakery that offers cheap (for Midtown) drinks and free Wi-Fi, as well as a lovely seating area.

Grand Central Station
The Grand Central is right around the corner.

Their couches in the back are the perfect place to isolate yourself in the middle of the busy Midtown, so this makes the perfect freelancing place for all New Yorkers. They also have a cozy back library which you can browse through, so you are sure to find something to do when you hit a creative block.

However, don’t let the looks of the coffee shop deceive you. When you enter, you might snicker to find it looking like an average New York-themed coffee shop in another town – right in the heart of Manhattan. Still, it has a charm that you just need to see for yourself. So, we highly recommend you spend an afternoon working here.

3. Coffee lovers need to try Devoción

If you are a coffee connoisseur, then it is Devoción you want to pay a visit. It might be one of the most breathtaking coffee shops in the whole while world. It certainly is one of the best places for freelancers in NYC – so come for a cup wherever you are in the Big Apple. Yes, even if you move with Long Island City movers, you should still come to Williamsburg and taste what they have to offer.

And what they offer is New York City at its finest. Exposed brick, live plants, amazing skylights – everything you will have dreamed of before coming here and more. They roast their coffee, and the Colombian founder guarantees it is the best in the whole wide world. Leather sofas and chests might make you feel like you are in your own office – which you might as well be since you will never leave Devoción once you visit once.

a coffee cup
You need to try the coffee at Devoción.

However, there is a drawback to this almost perfect place. The Wi-Fi they offer is only there on weekdays. This means that you can work Monday through Friday, but they want you to take a rest on Saturdays and Sundays. Nevertheless, you can bring your laptop to write, or a book to finish up that chapter you never get to. The other drawback is that it can sometimes get a bit crowded. This, however, only goes to show that Devoción is a favorite to many.

4. Grounded is one of those laid back places for freelancers in NYC

If you are too scared that the busy atmosphere of Williamsburg, Midtown, or similar New York City neighborhoods might be too much for your work ethics, then you will want to try something more laid back. This is when you need to take a stroll down to West Village and Grounded. It is one of those places that you run into by accident but fall in love with it completely. Grounded is where the city’s buzz and rush turn into jazz and neighborly leisure.

Walk into the coffee shop and you will instantly feel like you are at home. There is a garden vibe here that many enjoy. Live plants and mismatched tables are strewn around the place, and there is ample seating room on the many benches. Their sandwiches and smoothies will make everyone feel full and content. We recommend you try fresh bagels, loose-leaf tea, or their small-batch cookies.

NYC skyline
There are many places for freelancers in NYC – and Grounded might be a favorite.

However, it has the same downside as Devoción, sadly. Wi-Fi is only available on weekdays, while the weekends are for relaxing. What’s more, you can only sit at the table for an hour and a half. So, spending the whole day here is not a possibility here. Luckily, there are many other amazing places for freelancers in NYC that you can explore, so you can venture out after that time and search for more.

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