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Tips to help you meet your new neighbors in NYC

Moving to New York City can be quite exciting. You are going to the City that never sleeps! There are eight million people out there – and so much to see and do! However, after you say goodbye to your affordable moving companies NYC, you might start feeling foreign in the city. The stories about New Yorkers always rushing somewhere might turn to be true! And thus, you can start feeling lonely. But there is no time to worry – IPS NYC Movers are here for you! Today, we will help you meet your new neighbors in NYC and make friends with them!

Leave a good impression during the moving day

The first thing you will want to keep in mind is to be careful during the moving day. Yes, it is true that the first impression can often be the wrong one. However, if you annoy your neighbors on the day you move in, then they will be suspicious of you throughout your stay there! This is why you need to be mindful of what you do on a moving day.

a woman telling a secret
Try to keep a low profile and do not disturb too many people when moving in!

Ensure that you are not blocking the entrance to their driveway – or their apartment – with the truck and your furniture. People never have enough time in the Big Apple, and having to wait for you and your local movers NYC to finish up will not make anyone happy! If you need to do this, maybe a smart idea would be to do it quickly – or warn them beforehand!

What’s more, you will be making a lot of noise during the moving day. First, the truck can be hard to miss, but there is also the moving crew, the items shuffling around – a whole lot of things happening! And in all that chaos, you can get quite stressed and irritable – as well as your neighbors. This is why it’s really important for you to keep your cool and be really polite to anyone you run into. Especially if you are moving into a building, you are bound to meet your new neighbors while moving in. So, give them a welcoming smile, and don’t be afraid to small talk for a second or two. This way, you will leave a nice first impression – and make the rest much easier!

Leave your home to meet your new neighbors

However, being nice to the people you see on a moving day will not be enough. You cannot wait for the neighbors to knock on your door and introduce themselves – this usually doesn’t happen. The people you want to meet are outside of your front door – so you will need to venture there to meet them! So, try to find a reason to walk out of your door – and spend your time outside.

This can be easy for people who love the outdoors. But those who do not, this can be a nightmare. However, there is still much that you can do! For example, if the building allows you, you can get a dog. They will keep you company while you are getting used to your new home, but you can also explore the area with them. Also, everybody loves people walking dogs – and it’s a perfect way to start a conversation.

walking a dog
Walking your furry friend can help you meet your new neighbors and make some great friends!

If your building doesn’t allow pets, then you can take up jogging or walk. First, this will help you both physically and mentally, keeping you fit and healthy. What’s more, you will run into other people who do the same! This will make starting a conversation easy since you have the same hobby. If you are moving to New York City from a small town, this can also be the perfect chance to explore the city and learn more about it!

After that, you can easily connect with people indoors too! You can mention your pool table movers NYC and invite them for a game, for example! However, you need to remember to be open and welcoming! New York City is diverse – and you need to accept it wholeheartedly!

Host a housewarming party

If none of these work, then you can go the traditional route, and host a housewarming party! This doesn’t have to be anything fancy – so do not stress too much about it! Sometimes, just some drinks and snacks will be enough to meet your new neighbors and make friends! However, if you do know your way around the kitchen, then no one will complain if you prepare a nice meal, too!

a meal can be a great opportunity to meet your new neighbors
Everybody loves a home-cooked meal – so you can amaze your new neighbors with one if you can cook!

There are also a couple of different ways to invite people. Some prefer to simply knock on the door, introduce themselves, and invite people over. However, some do not appreciate this and find it distracting. Instead, you can write a letter to your neighbors introducing yourself and invite them over. Conversely, you can make a flyer and post it on the bulletin board in the building – or simply slip them under your neighbors’ doors.

However, if your budget is running dry after the move, then hosting a huge housewarming party might not be the perfect idea to meet your new neighbors for you. What you can do instead is host a “bring your own snack or drink” party – where you provide the place, and your guests will provide the rest! These are also pretty normal, so do not be afraid to host a party like this too. Of course, it will be expected of you to participate in similar parties once you get invited too! What’s important is to be welcoming, nice – and have fun!

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