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Tips for packing and moving musical instruments

There are many things that you will need to worry about during a moving process – but you can always add more worries. This is what happens when you need to think about packing and moving musical instruments. These items are often quite sensitive – and quite expensive. Therefore, you will need to be very, very careful when dealing with them during the move. Luckily, reliable moving companies Queens NY have a lot of experience with this topic. And we are always ready to share what we know. This is why in this article, we take a look at how to properly secure your musical instruments for their trip.

The first thing you will want to realize is that musical instruments are divided into a couple of groups. If you are a musician with a lot of experience, you probably already know this. However, if the world of music is new to you, then you might be happy to know that all of these groups require special, separate care – both when moving and after the process. Today, we will go over each group separately. These are:

  • brass and woodwind instruments;
  • stringed instruments and
  • drums.

Packing and moving brass and woodwind instruments

Usually, when picking something for the move, packing services NYC will ask a simple question – can we disassemble this item? This can take some time to do, but it comes with a lot of benefits. Taking an item apart means that you can separately secure each of the parts. Sometimes, an item as a whole will have a weird shape, while this is not the case for its parts. What’s more, some items might be really tough to lift and handle on their own – like pool tables, for example – and disassembling them is a must.

The same applies to packing and moving brass and woodwind musical instruments. Usually, you will be able to completely take them apart before the move. Most of the time, this is required – they even come in a hard case that’s made specifically for transporting them. If this is not the case with your instrument, then you will want to wrap each piece in a lot of padding. Use packing paper or bubble wrap to make sure nothing can scratch or bend each piece. Sometimes, they can do this to each other inside their box, and that’s why it’s an important thing to do.

you can use towels when packing and moving musical instruments
You can use anything from packing peanuts to towels.

You should also grab a box that’s large enough to fit all the pieces, together with a lot of padding material. Just ensure that you are reducing vibrations this way. However, if you are using packing peanuts, also ensure that you seal all the holes in the instrument with clear tape. This way, they will not be able to get inside the instrument and cause trouble after the move.

Packing and moving your stringed instruments

If this seemed like too much, wait until you see what you need to do for your stringed instruments. All your cellos, guitars, and similar will require a lot of care and thought. First, you will want to loosen up their strings. Otherwise, these can break during the move, and then you will need to spend a lot of money and time to replace them. If you loosen them up, then all you need is to take some time to get them back in tune after you are done moving. Similarly, if your instrument has tuning keys, you will want to turn them so they are parallel with the headstock. You do not want them to break off during the trip.

Similarly to brass instruments, sometimes, your string instruments will come with a hard case. However, here, you need to add extra padding, because these instruments tend to shake inside their cases. The best solution is to just crumple up some paper that will not stain the instrument to fill the gap. Pay special attention to the headstock when you do.

a guitar
Avoid using packing peanuts or any padding with small pieces – these can get inside the instrument and ruin it – just like with the brass ones.

Again, if there is no case, you will need to get creative. First, wrap up your instrument in plastic. Anything from a garbage bag to dry cleaning bag will do the trick – but you can also look into professional packing supplies NYC for this. What this does, though, is ensures no moisture or water comes close to your stringed instruments. They are probably the biggest enemies of stringed instruments. Add some bubble pack to protect it from bumps and you will be ready.

Your piano might need some more care

Finally, you should also consider professional piano movers NYC for your piano. This monstrosity of an instrument is usually every movers’ worst nightmare – so call the pros to help. This way, you won’t have to worry about a thing – we will do it for you. Our movers are reliable and responsible. While they take care of your piano, you can focus on other tasks at hand. By using this service, you are sure to have an easy and stress-free relocation.

Packing and moving your drums

The final group that we need to talk about is the drums. Luckily, these are easy enough to pack. You will want to find a box that’s bigger than your biggest drum piece – some 2 to for 4 at least. This way, you will be able to add layers of protection for your drum kit. You can check with your local music store if they have the right box – but even the cardboard ones will work.

Drums might not be too tough to pack.

Then, you will want to remove all rims and heads and nest your drums inside one another. If there are any smaller pieces of hardware – like tension rods, then you will want to separate them from the main thing and seal them in a bag. Similar applies to the spurs, legs, and other things. Wrap them in padding and store them separately. This will make the unpacking process easier, but it will also protect your items. And with that, you have finished packing and moving musical instruments. Good luck.

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