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Tips for moving your piano in NYC

When you decide to move there are many things you need to take care of. You need to get a reliable moving company, get enough packing supplies to pack your items, try to decrease the overall weight of the move, etc. There is also one more thing that you need to do. Well, your piano of course! And that is not easy. So, you better get some help. You can either get piano movers or call your friends to help you. In this article, we will talk about moving your piano in NYC. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Moving your piano in NYC – what’s to know?

When you want to move your piano, there are two options. You can either call a New York City moving company, or you can do it yourself. We will now go in-depth about both these options and you can assess which one suits you more. Let’s get to it!

be careful while moving a piano in NYC it is a centerpiece of your room
The piano is a centerpiece of your room so be careful with it!

Calling a moving company to move your piano

This is probably the best method of transporting your piano in New York City. Piano movers are adept at moving fragile things. Especially huge fragile things like pianos. So, in order to find a reputable piano moving company, you should ask your friends or family if they know any. It is best to trust your loved ones in times like these. However, if they do not know any, worry not! Your search is not over, it is only beginning! You should go on websites such as Yelp or BBB. These websites offer insight into many moving companies and how do they conduct their work. It is all based on reviews from real people so it is as reliable as it can get.

Furthermore, you should look for companies that specialize in moving pianos and make sure that they have the BBB Seal of Approval. There are some moving companies that post fake reviews in order to lure customers in. These companies are scammers and they are only after your money. Make sure to check everything out before hiring them because they may hold your piano and other stuff hostages until you pay a huge sum of money to get it all back. So, it is very important to find a reliable moving company with the BBB Seal of Approval. This will guarantee that your piano and other items get to your new house safe and sound.

Moving a piano by yourself

If you have decided to do a DIY move, make sure to read the rest of the article. We will talk about every aspect of this in-depth. First things first, it will not be easy. You need to be mentally prepared for such an endeavor. It is not wise to start moving your piano only to panic while you are carrying and accidentally dropping it. It is also not recommended to do it alone or with one helper. Get as many people as you can to help you with your piano because it is very heavy and fragile. You need to distribute the weight perfectly in order to have a successful move. If the weight is not properly distributed, you are all risking serious injury. So, call your friends and get ready for the move!

people carrying a piano
Make sure to hire a moving company or call your friends!

Check out the dimensions of doors and corridors

This is vital to check before you start your move. If you cannot move the piano through your home to the moving truck, it would be stupid to try something like that. So, get a measuring tape and measure the dimensions of your doors and corridors. If the doors are too small to fit your piano, lowering it through your windows or balcony is probably the best thing to do. However, this will require some machinery to help you, or some very strong people. This is not wise to do alone, so if you are in a situation like this, make sure to call a moving company because they have probably already handled many moves like these.

Preparing your piano for the move

When moving a piano in NYC you need to get the proper packing supplies. You can also get packing services if you are not sure you can do it properly. A piano is very fragile so if you put more packing supplies on, you will not be mistaken. The more the merrier! It is vital to keep this important item in your life safe and sound. So go to your local hardware store and get moving blankets, packing paper, packing tape, moving straps, air-filled wrap, furniture dollies,  and whatever else you need for your move. Take the packing paper and wrap it around the piano legs. Secure it with tape and then put some air-filled wrap on. After that, you should do the same for the “keyboard” part. Close the lid and tape some packing paper and air-filled wrap on top of it. You should also do the same for the body itself because you will prevent scratches from appearing on your piano during the move.

moving company
You should hire a reliable moving company for your piano

Moving the piano to the moving truck

After you have packed the piano properly, it is time to take it to the moving truck. For this, you will need either moving straps or two furniture dollies. If the piano has wheels of it own, it is not wise to use them more than a couple of inches. They are not sturdy enough and will not handle the move. So, take the moving straps and carry it with your friends. Make sure to have someone guide you through the house in order to avoid any damage being done on the piano. If you plan on using furniture dollies make sure to get two of them. Lift the piano and put it on top of the furniture dollies. After that, you should tape it securely in order to avoid flipping it. Have someone guide you to the moving truck and slowly push it up the ramp.

With all that said, good luck with moving your piano in NYC!

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