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Tips for handling disputes with movers

It is not unusual that sometimes bad things happen in life. Many things can go wrong and off our plans. And, unfortunately, it does happen more often than we hope it does. Not to sound like it is some devastating news, but bad luck can catch up with your even during your relocation. When you hire movers for your relocation and believe they will do a great job, you may end up with some issues. In the following article, we will discuss more ways of handling disputes with movers! And in the way that both parties will be happy!

Go over the moving contract before handling disputes with the movers

Now, it is very important that you actually carefully read the moving contract before signing it. This is one of the many mistakes people make when they are planning their relocation. Often, they don’t get over the contract and just sign the papers. Going over the moving contract will give you a lot of insight about what you actually signed for. If you hired reliable movers NYC then you should not have any problems at all. Since they will most likely tell you about every part of the moving contract you are about to sign.

People going over their moving contract before Handling disputes with movers
Go over your moving contract before handling disputes with movers

You can complain about it

Handling disputes with movers are often done by writing down the complaint letter to them. When it comes to disputes, you are able to predict certain issues and deal with them. But, on the other hand, some problems can happen and you wouldn’t even be aware of them. As we mentioned before, it is very important to go over your moving contract before you sign it. When you are about to handle a dispute, you will have to go over the contract again. Just to be sure you are in the right! The best way to avoid getting scammed and having any disputed is to go over the moving contract before signing it.  There are several things that moving disputes can relate to, such as:

  • Financial dispute –moving to cost more than it should have.
  • Damaged items are also a huge problem when it comes to moving disputes
  • Delays in transportation – the time is very important to all of us. And it can be a problem if movers are running late.
  • If the moving company loses your items
cartoon people at support center
File a claim with appropriate authorities

Such things are not that common but they can still happen. The best thing you can do is to hire professional movers with great packing services NYC that can handle your move! That way you will rest assured there won’t be any disputes.

Always hire a reliable moving company

If you really wish to avoid having any disputes with your movers, you should definitely hire professionals! With a reliable moving company at your hand, you will know exactly what you can expect from them. Professionals will always explain to you the moving contract you are about to sign. So nothing is left unchecked until you understood every point of the contract. This is very important since it only shows how professional the moving company is. There are a lot of factors that indicate you are dealing with professionals, like:

  • They do not have any problems with the law
  • There are a lot of positive reviews
  • Feedbacks from customers are great. Especially if you are about to hire reliable residential movers NYC
  • They handle your items with care
  • Moving services they offer are very professional

These are just some of the basic characteristics of good moving companies! You can rest assured nothing will go wrong if you know these things and hire movers accordingly!

File a claim with to the appropriate authorities

Only after you went over the moving contract and couldn’t find a solution with your mover, you should go straight to the AMSA and file a claim. Follow these simple tips when it comes to this:

  • If everything fails, contact the Better Business Bureau. After that, your claim will be sent to the moving company. With 2 weeks to respond, you will see how your claim will go.
  • For interstate relocation, it is maybe for the best if you look for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. As they will look into your claim and see if you are right or wrong
  • The very first step in handling disputes with movers is to see if they are a part of AMSA. That stands for the American Moving and Storage Association. In case they are, you can contact them and see how you can settle this problem.
a man signing a paper
If everything fails, contact AMSA

Always remain calm and be patient

This is a very important thing you need to remember when handling disputes with movers. A lot of disputes can be handled with patience and remaining calm. Maybe something happened that no one expected. Perhaps the movers are not some fraudulent people and are genuinely sorry for what happened. It is a very good thing to always remain calm and polite when these sorts of situations happen. You don’t really know how it happens and what’s the reason behind it, but you will have a higher chance of solving it in your favor if you remain polite through the end. Perhaps one of the solutions to your issues would be to rent a storage unit NYC and that way keep your items safe and protected until you come back for them!


Handling disputes with movers can be really stressful! Especially if this is your first relocation, or you believe you are getting scammed. Our tips and guidelines should help you enough to get you through this situation! Did you have any negative experience before? Do you want to share it with us? Feel free to give us your feedback on how to handle moving disputes! We are certain other readers will be very glad to hear more about it too!

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