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Tips and trick to speed up your unpacking process

We guess a lot of people love the anticipation of unpacking in your new home. You feel the rush and try to do it as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your new home. For you to be able to get to it fast, go through our advice on how to speed up your unpacking process. It might not be that simple.

Have a system to speed up your unpacking process

You can not just start opening up random boxes all over the place. That can only create more obligations and trash to clean up later. All boxes you have are probably labelled before moving as they should be, yes? Great, that means you can move on to placing them in rooms they belong.

A man showing how to make a plan that can speed up your unpacking process
Making a plan can speed up your unpacking process

Room by room unpacking system swiftly avoids all the chaos and lets you work according to plan. This way, all the boxes are away from walking areas of the house. Walking areas need to be free to avoid further frustration and so that people can do their jobs without struggling.

Start with essentials

Same as the labelling when packing is important so are the necessity boxes. These are all the boxes of stuff you need and use on a daily basis. Also, the items you will need on your first night in. Because not everybody is happy to do the unpacking right away and that’s fine. You can’t speed up your unpacking process if you are sleepy and tired.

Another box that can count as a necessity box is one filled with cleaning supplies. If you didn’t have your house professionally cleaned,  then you should pack this box as well to have at hand. You wouldn’t want to unpack in a dirty house. To speed up your unpacking process in a clean home you will need:

  1. Vacuum
  2. A mop and, bucket and rags
  3. Disinfectant and other liquids for different areas of the house
  4. Gloves and an apron
  5. Dusters

Kitchen first then the bedrooms

It’s is an unwritten rule that the kitchen is the most used area of the house. On your path of how to speed up your unpacking process, you should start with the kitchen. Make it fully functional before you move on to the bedrooms.

a kitchen
The kitchen should be your top priority when unpacking

Hook up major appliances first and go from there. At this point, the aesthetics of it are not important, it is important that it is functional. You can go back later to add the finishing touches and rearrange what you do not like. After the kitchen speed up your unpacking process by moving to the bedrooms. After a long hard day of unpacking and working, a made bed is a dream come true. To conclude, the kitchen and bedrooms are the most important.

Get the major furniture out of the way with some help

If you can call for help, definitely do it. It is your golden ticket to speed up the unpacking process. And since no one knows how you like to do your stuff around the house, ask for some help with furniture. Assembling furniture is a long-lasting tough process. Your movers can do it for you! While the people you called do that, you can get a lot of other stuff finished.

a sofa
Move in big furniture first

As we mentioned, the walking areas should be free,  and furniture assembled as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that this is hard work. Order some food for your friends, make lemonade and take a break every now and they. You will need it as much as they will do as well.

Storage areas

Unpacking storage areas is not essential. You can leave there areas for longer periods of time without organizing them. And it won’t be the end of the world. These areas can be used to store the items you will leave to unpack later. If you haven’t decided yet on the location of those things or do not even know if you will keep them. Definitely leave the storage area last, and do not dwell on it. Use it smartly, to your advantage in helping you to speed up your unpacking process.

an empty room
Pick an empty room where you will unload all the boxes first

Make a safe space for your child

Nothing will be done if you have to look after your child and check up on them all the time. Speed up your unpacking process by making a safe space for our child. Unpack their room right after the kitchen. Make a safe space and ask one of the friends to keep an eye on them. Take out some food out of the emergency box, prepare some water and other necessities. This way you won’t have to run around in circles, taking care of the stuff and the kid at the same time.

a kid blowing bubbles
Try to keep your child out of all the commotion

Know when to take a break

We know you want to settle in your new home as quickly as possible. Everyone is this excited when they move and need to get comfy right away. But you can’t overwork yourself or your friends. Let alone leave your kid by themselves all day. Know when to take a break. Every hour or so. Check up on your friends and children. Bring some food and refreshment and take a moment to catch a breath.

By doing everything in such a rush you are taking the fun from it. And also making it harder for yourself and your friends and family. Your home is not going anywhere. Do not be a party breaker. Make this as much fun as possible for everyone involved.

To conclude, you need a solid plan to speed up your unpacking process. And that planning needs to happen before you start packing in your old place. Do not be lazy and think you can just wing it all. That will be a lot harder than planning and executing it all. Take your time, ask for some help and some opinions on the matter. Gather everything you can before the process starts. With your plan and our suggestions, we will get you unpacked in no time!

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