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Things to know before retiring in New York City

If living in New York City has always been your dream, it is a high time you make it true. Since this is a place a great number of people would love to move to, you probably already know what it has to offer. However, there certainly are some aspects of your future life here that are unknown to you. We are going to present to you all the things you should know before retiring to New York City. All you should do is simply to read the article and you will know what to expect.

If you do not like driving a car, this is a great place for you

One of the best ways in which you can reduce anxiety in NYC is not to own a car. Since traffic jams are quite a common sight here, it will be much easier for you to use public transportation. You will have a chance to really see and feel the city by walking along its streets and whenever you feel tired, you will have a chance to take a bus or go to the subway.

When living in NYC, it is much easier to use public transportation than to drive a car

Both of these types of transportation are perfectly organized which means that there is no reason for you to buy a car. Forget about stress and anxiety and start having the time of your life.

Retiring in New York City means spending your time actively

As a city that never sleeps, New York has a wide variety of attractions to offer at any time of the day. So, if you would like to be active throughout your retirement, you will not make a mistake if you decide to move here. You will never run out of things to do since NYC has a rich cultural offer. Anything from stand-up comedy to opera is at your fingertips. Of course, there also are quite a lot of free things to do, if you do not like spending too much money on tickets. You can start by walking around Manhattan and explore its rich architecture or visit historical homes. In case this is just the way you have imagined your retirement, hire IPS NYC Movers and you will be here in no time.

This is an age-friendly city

Even though New York City is filled with younger people, it does not mean that it does not understand the needs of aging citizens. Quite the opposite- this is one of the reasons why retiring in New York City is a good idea. The Age-friendly NYC initiative was founded and this is the product of a partnership between the Office of the Mayor, the New York Academy of Medicine, and the New York City Council.

A couple smiling
Retiring in New York City is a great idea because it is an age-friendly city

The goal of this initiative is to make it possible for retirees to enjoy, access, and contribute to city life. Basically, if you decide to come here, all of your expectations will be met. Get in touch with Long Island City movers on time and set the date of your move. They will help you in every way and you will find yourself in NYC before you know it.

Be prepared to give large amounts of money on the costs of living

If you have never been here but you have heard about how expensive NYC is, you should know that all of that is true. As a matter of fact, the costs of living are as much as 68% higher than the national average. However, if finances are not a problem, you can even think about moving to the Hamptons. This is a beautiful place for retirees, but you should know that the costs of living are even higher- 140% above the national average. On the other hand, if you are thinking about downsizing, this is also an option. It is true that you will need more time and energy for this, but it is not impossible. You should simply do your research and you will see what there is at your disposal. Feel free to rent Astoria storage units on this occasion, especially if you move on short notice.

There are some risks you should be aware of

Since this is an urban city, you cannot expect a peaceful life. A megalopolis like NYC is always more dangerous to live in, especially when robberies are in question. This city is a bit fast-paced even for younger generations, let alone for retirees. Even crossing the street can be dangerous since you are expected to be fast and responsive.

You should know that New York City is an urban area and that it literally never sleeps

Yet another threat can be the summer heat. The concrete can act as a giant stove during the summer months. In case you are fine with situations of this kind, you can feel free to plan your relocation. If it happens that you are relocating with your partner, make sure you discuss this with them. If both of you are quite active and you like urban cities, this is the place for you.

Retiring in New York City is overall a good idea. We have presented you with both pros and cons of settling in NYC in order for you to be familiar with what awaits you. Since you are going to be a retiree, you will have a lot of time at your disposal. By relocating here, you will surely use it in many different ways. You will go to the theaters, concerts, walk around Central Park, etc. This is the time when you can do whatever you want whenever you want to! Make the best of it and you will be more satisfied than ever!

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