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The best way to recycle packing supplies

The moving consists of many steps. There is packing to deal with, the logistics, paperwork and finally transporting your items. When you arrive at your new home, however, you might realize that you are dealing with a lot of packing supplies NYC that now you need to get rid of. However, all this waste is not too eco-friendly – you cannot just toss it away. There will be a lot of plastic and similar materials. And so, you will want to recycle packing supplies in the best way possible. If you are unsure about how to do this, then IPS NYC Movers are here to help you! In this article, we take a look at the best ways to do this!

Recycle packing supplies by calling removal services

One of the biggest problems of recycling packing supplies is that they are usually damaged after the move. You can tear up the boxes when unpacking them, or they can stain or bend during transport. This makes it harder to reuse the supplies – whether by keeping them or selling or giving them away. What’s more, after one use, a lot of packing supplies just will not be able to survive another move.

a handshake with movers
Your professional movers might offer removal services!

This is why one of the questions you need to ask when you hire movers NYC is whether or not they also offer removal services, too! Some companies offer this extra service. Within it, they include removing all the unwanted packing supplies and taking care of them for you. Of course, you will want to make sure that they are a part of some recycling program, too.

What’s more, many moving companies also offer unpacking services as well! This way, not only do you not need to deal with trying to recycle packing supplies – but you also do not need to worry about unpacking your stuff either. This way, you can hit the ground running after your move, and starting living the best life easier!

Check if you have recycling bins or centers

If your movers do not offer removal services, then you might need to look for a recycling facility in your area. This can mean venturing out and looking for recycling bins near your home. All you will have to do is to leave your packing supplies in the specific bin – and the waste disposal services will take care of them for you!

Another good thing that you can do is ask around about the curbside collection in your area. Your friends or neighbors should know about it – and it’s also a great conversation starter, too! However, if there are no recycling bins nearby and no curbside collection, then you might need to take the packing supplies to the recycling center. This is especially true for styrofoam peanuts and similar materials. These are non-degradable and thus hard to recycle.

recycling paper
Find a recycling center in your local area!

Usually, all you need to do is pack the supplies up and take them to the recycling center. Keep in mind – you will need to spend some time and gas money, and thus this should be the last resort. The best idea, however, would be to contact your local recycling center and ask them for instruction. Each facility will have its own set of rules and regulations, and you will need to follow them. Otherwise, you will be making your trip in vain.

If you find it difficult to locate a recycling facility near your home, you can venture to the Earth911 website. Here, you will find a collection of nearby centers, and yours will be to only make your choice.

Another way to recycle packing supplies is to keep them

Another way to recycle your packing materials would just be to keep them and reuse them! If they are in good condition, then there are many useful things that you can do with the cardboard boxes as well as other supplies! Sometimes, this is even the most logical thing to do with these supplies! After all, a lot of them are firm and sturdy, and you will be able to reuse them at least once or twice again!

What’s more, if there are custom packaging materials that you have been using – things like wooden crates designed for your fragile or expensive items – then other people might not be able to use these. When you also add the fact that these are usually more expensive than the regular supplies, then the decision to reuse them becomes clear.

You can recycle packing materials by using them in a unit
Packing supplies can also be used for your storage units!

The same can be said about plastic bins – these are amazing for storage NYC! Plastic doesn’t let moisture come through, which is often one of the biggest adversaries in every unit. However, a thing to note here is that plastic is heat sensitive. So, you will want a climate-controlled unit when using plastic bins.

Sell your packing supplies as a way to recycle them

Finally, if you do not think you will need the packing supplies for a move or storage, you might want to look into selling them. Luckily, so many websites nowadays offer to help you with this! From exchanges to actual stores that sell packing supplies, you will get a chance to recycle packing supplies in this way while also earning some money!

Of course, here, you are running the risk of a person coming after you will not want to recycle the packing supplies after they are done. However, if we all do our best to help the planet, then this risk becomes obsolete! Also, this is the option for those whose budget might be hurting after the move. After all, the supplies can often be quite expensive – even the used ones! Carefully consider the pros and cons before making your decision!

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