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Staying safe during your moving day in NYC: a brief guide

You might not have thought about this – but moving can actually be a dangerous business. Not only it is tiring, but when you add the heavy lifting, sharp packing supplies, and so many other factors, you can get seriously injured if you are not careful! What’s more, with the COVID-19 pandemic that is shaking the country, everyone is also worried about their health as well. This is why calling a reliable Forest Hills moving company is extremely important. We are experienced and professional, and we will help you protect both your belongings and yourself. However, it is important that you still understand some basic measures for staying safe during your moving day in NYC. In this article, we take a look at some of the essential things you need to know.

Be careful with how much you pack

The first mistake that people make when moving to NYC is that they overpack. This is natural – you are afraid to leave something behind. However, you will also want to save on packing materials NYC. And so, you try to stuff as much stuff as you can into as little boxes as possible.

a teddy bear in a box
Be careful not to overpack!

This is where you need to listen to smart packing tips. There is a huge variety of moving boxes sizes – and you should use all of them for your move. So, when packing books, for example, you might be tempted to put so many of them inside one large box. But then, this box will weight over 100 pounds, and this can be pretty impossible to lift.

If you try, you can damage your knees, back, and so many other joints. What’s more, you can damage the box as well. Each size has a certain weight that you should not exceed. Thus, pack no more than 50 pounds in a small one, 65 in a medium box and no more than 70 pounds in a large box. If you have extra-large boxes, then pack light items in there, like linens, clothes, pillows, etc. Make sure you communicate with your movers in Woodside NY to best coordinate this move. They will offer the best advice for staying safe during your moving day in NYC.

Learning how to properly lift is essential for staying safe during your moving day in NYC

One of the key factors to staying safe during your NYC move is to learn how to properly lift moving boxes. One of the most common ways in which injuries happen is when people try lifting heavy items and boxes without the proper technique. What you need to do is to keep your spine alignment as neutral as possible during the process. This is why so many people say that you should bend with your knees instead of your waist. Simply move legs and not your back, and you should be safer.

Then, make sure you keep the items and boxes closer to your body. This shifts the weight center closer to you, which helps maintain balance. What’s more, make sure you do not twist around when carrying boxes. If you have to turn, do it with hips first instead of your feet.

a weightlifter
Remember – you are not a weightlifter!

Of course, it’s important to remember not to lift more than you are able to. Keep in mind that you need all your joints even after your moving experience – this is not a competition to see who will lift more. If you do not think you will be able to carry everything, make sure you get friends to help you. You know your body best – so don’t try to be a hero or something you are not. Staying safe is the most important thing.

Moving amidst the COVID-19 crisis

Then, we cannot talk about staying safe during your moving day in NYC without mentioning the COVID-19 pandemic that is hitting our nation – especially New York City. What you need to ensure is that your movers are still working on the moving date. So, contact us as soon as possible to talk about what you should do. We can also offer you some amazing tips and tricks on how to best protect yourself, your family as well as your items.

If you or anyone else is experiencing symptoms, you will need to let your movers know. Usually, you will still be able to move – but there will be additional protocols to ensure everyone’s safety. Then, you should try to provide hygiene products for all your movers. Have soap and paper towels by the sink, and hand sanitizers by the door. This way, the movers can keep you and your family – as well as themselves – safe and secure. Again, talk with the movers if you fear you will not have enough supplies for the move.

Eating well and staying hydrated is important for staying safe during your moving day in NYC

Finally, there is a thing that many people forget to do when moving. Due to all the tasks you need to do and so much to accomplish, you might not get yourself a nice meal – or even enough water. However, eating right is important. This doesn’t have to be a huge meal – but make sure you have something you can snack on throughout the day. Protein bars, buts, and high-energy snacks, for example, are perfect for this – they will keep you safe from exhaustion, weakness and cloudy head. When you are not feeling these, then the risk of injuries lowers.

a water bottle
Drink plenty of water during your relocation!

The same goes for water. You should drink plenty of it every day – but especially when you are losing a lot of liquids, like during your NYC move. Not doing so will stress your cardiovascular system, which is not a perfect thing when you are staying safe during your moving day in NYC.

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