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Relocation tools that you might need

When you are moving by yourself you need to think about a lot of things. It’s not only about transportation but also about the packing of your inventory. In order to pack all of your items, you will be needing a lot of the appropriate relocation tools. If you do not know where to start and how to do all of that by yourself, you can contact the best IPS NYC Movers in order to help you. However, if you’ve made up your mind to move by yourself, you’re surely going to need the proper moving equipment. Even if you’re hiring a moving company it could be useful to have some of these tools in case you want to rearrange your living room, kitchen, or bedroom. So, here’s a list of must-have relocation tools so that you make your self-move easier, safer, and more efficient too.

duct tape, tools
You will be needing all sorts of relocation tools for your move.

What are the relocation tools that you will need

There are many different kinds of tools. You do not need all of them but you need to decide what will be absolutely necessary for your relocation. Here is the list of the tools you need for moving:

  • relocation tools that will help you move heavy furniture and boxes
  • different supplies for packing your items
  • moving tool kit to disassemble large furniture pieces
  • moving blankets and pads
  • protective gear
  • moving truck

Relocation tools you need to move heavy furniture

You will be needing some of these tools in order to have an easy relocation:

Moving dolly is a piece of essential moving equipment. Using a dolly will save you a lot of time, prevent injuries due to lifting or carrying heavy items, and guarantee an accident-free relocation. Shoulder Dolly, this is a two-person lifting system that consists of one moving strap and two harnesses. The moving harness system will allow two persons to lift and move heavy household items. Moving straps and rope will be useful to secure things on the moving dolly.

Forearm Forklift, the two-person lifting system where the harnesses are attached to the forearms of the carrying persons instead of their backs and shoulders.

Furniture sliders are pieces of plastic and hard rubber that will help you to move really heavy pieces of furniture easily. They will also prevent any floor damage.

Truck Loading Ramps so you can load moving truck without lifting heavy items. A loading ramp can provide you with a great amount of help.

In case you have problems with bugs in your bed or sofa you should contact the best bed bug exterminator nyc for help. Bed bugs are the type of insect that feeds on human and animal blood. As the name implies, they’re commonly found in beds. Although they don’t transmit diseases, they can cause allergic reactions. You should resolve this before your moving and relocating your bed.

man dolly and boxes
A dolly will be very useful to you.

Packing supplies

When you are packing your items, you need to be sure that they won’t pop out and get damaged during transportation. There are a lot of different supplies that you can use in order to secure your stuff. Here are some of them: packing tape, duct tape, bungee cords or cargo straps, stretch wrap, garbage, or vacuum bags. There is a lot more but you don’t need every single thing so you can pack your stuff.

Using the garbage bags will help you to easily move all your clothes, and if you choose vacuum bags it will save you a lot of space too. You can use boxes or plastic bins for packing books and shoes, or kitchen inventory. Then you will need all different kinds of tapes to secure your items. You cannot imagine packing without them. Packing tape is extremely sticky and durable so it is good to have it on your list of supplies. Stretch wrap is the perfect choice when you need to protect the fragile items like mirrors or picture frames. You can use the bubble wrap, too.

Bungee cords are perfect to secure your boxes and things in your car, truck, or moving van. There are a lot of sizes available, so you will find easily the right fit for your vehicle. Cargo straps are another great way to secure your items.


couple while disassembling furniture
If you are relocating by yourself, you should have some relocation tools.

Moving tool kit

When you come to your larger furniture pieces, you will have to disassemble some of them, so a toolbox is a must. You’re going to want to have a good, sharp box cutter and a pair of scissors for bubble wraps or packing tapes. It is possible that you will be needing measuring tape, screwdrivers, hammers, and pliers too.

Moving blankets are a fantastic way to protect your furniture during the move. You can easily wrap your items and avoid scratching.

Protective gear

In order to prevent injuries during your packing and moving you need to have some protective gear, such as cut-resistant gloves, shoe-covers, fish tape, and a flashlight just in case. Make sure to buy these items to protect yourself and lower the stress.

Moving truck

After packing and preparing your items for relocation, you will be needing a moving van. If you are moving within the same city or to a nearby town, you can do it by yourself, maybe ask some friends to help you with their cars, or just to borrow a friend’s car or a truck. If you decide to rent a truck, you need to know the size of it that will fit your needs. In case it is an interstate moving, maybe it would be better to hire some experienced moving agency who has different sizes of trucks and different types of vehicles. They will help you to safely relocate your inventory.

So, take your time, think it through and decide what is best for you. Whether you are hiring a moving company or doing it by yourself, it is always good to have some relocation tools just in case.

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