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Reasons to move out of NYC

For some, New York City is the center of the universe. This megacity is home to millions of people, attracting thousands of tourists every day as well. With so many people living here and passing through, NYC movers have their hands full! However, there are a lot of those who are also planning to leave the Big Apple too. If you are one of them, but still unsure about it, then you are in the right place. Today, we take a look at some of the biggest reasons to move out of NYC!

The subway can be a nightmare fuel

One of the biggest reasons why people are living the Big Apple is the way you go around the city. While there are places where you can walk around, the subway is often a horrendous mess. When the rides are good – they are amazing. You can just turn on an audiobook or a podcast or enjoy a smooth ride.

subway car
It is rare to find an empty subway car!

However, smooth rides are often so rare that this can drive you insane. Instead, what you usually get is overcrowded trains, which break down way too often – and also have a horrible smell. What’s more, if you have to change trains, then you can get stuck in multiple cars, which can be extra annoying as well! This can often make you very late for meetings – and is one of the main reasons why Newyorkers are always running somewhere!

And it certainly doesn’t help that New York City makes it really difficult to own a car. If you do not own a garage in NYC, then finding the parking spot can be impossible! And so, even more, people are forced into the subway – which makes it even more overcrowded – which then makes it ugly to ride.

Overcrowding is one of the biggest reasons to move out of NYC

This number of people is one of the main reasons why you might call someone to give you a hand with moving furniture NYC. You will never be alone when living in the City that never sleeps! The population of the city is over eight million people. The area, however, only three hundred square miles – and it shows!

nyc street
The crowds are enough to drive any person insane!

If you need to go through Times Square to make it to a meeting, then you might want to plan a different route. Sometimes, it will be easier and faster to go around it than to shuffle through all the crowds. And this applies to many other areas in the city as well! We already talked about the subway, but this can also cause traffic jams, and make it impossible to do even the simplest shopping from time to time.

Add to that the number of tourists coming in everywhere, and it’s no wonder that a lot of New Yorkers never even see the “highlights” of their own city! This is also the reason why they get called cold and busy – because getting stopped at the street all the time can drive everyone crazy!

The costs of living are pretty high!

What also makes NYC one of the toughest places for life in the country is how much money you will spend to live here. First, there are rents. These can easily skyrocket depending on where you live in the city. But that’s not all – the real estate costs are also staggeringly high. Sometimes, there might not even be a clear answer between renting vs buying an apartment in New York!

If you can afford to live in the city, then you are probably living in a small apartment, with a couple of roommates. There might also not even be too many amenities around! After all, a lot of people working in the city actually live around it – in New Jersey too – and commute to work. This, of course, means that you need to tackle the subway, which we already talked about. Other than San Francisco and Los Angeles, the rest of the country can even seem affordable compared to New York City! A studio apartment in Harlem, for example, can cost as much as a three-bedroom apartment in North Carolina (which will also have a variety of amenities in the complex, too).

You will need to think about the costs of everything when living in New York City.

But it’s not only the rent in New York City that’s crazy! Everything can be costly, too. After all, the city is a huge tourist trap – and it shows. Everything will cost you more than in the rest of the country – your gym membership, your haircut – even a drink at a bar! You can google this to see it with ease!

The weather can also be one of the reasons to move out of NYC

Finally, you will want to think about the weather in New York City as well! And the weather in the city can be quite weird – just like anything else. First, the summers can be quite grimy. Once the summer’s here, everyone is running away. Subway gets humid, you can smell trash around every corner – and tourists are most common during these months!

Winters aren’t any better either. Yes, it’s true that the winter holidays have a lot of charm, but the city itself can get just terrible. The climate isn’t that bad, but walking makes everything worse. We already mentioned that if you don’t use the subway, then walking will be one of the best ways around. However, when you need to walk a while during cold weather, there’s nothing charming about it. The gray piles of ever-melting snow don’t help either, and just boost the weather on the list of reasons to move out of NYC.

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