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Preparing your employees for an office move – tips and tricks

Moving your office is a complicated task that requires a lot of preparation. But it’s not just you as the business owner that needs to prepare. It’s also everyone who works for you and everyone who works with you! So while you’re negotiating with your office movers NYC and choosing furniture for your new office space, don’t forget about preparing your employees for an office move too. Not only will this help them deal with the relocation, but it can also make your move easier because everyone will be working together towards a common goal. So what do you need to do to ensure that your employees are ready?

The importance of preparing your employees for an office move 

There’s a lot to do when you’re moving an office. You must figure out a way to do it without disrupting your business too much, gather your packing supplies NYC and box up all your important files and IT equipment, design your new office space in a way that encourages productivity, and so much more. And all these things are important, of course. But your business is more than the physical office. It’s really the people who work for you that make your business what it is. And you can’t move your office without them. Keeping them in the loop and allowing them plenty of time to prepare for the relocation will build a better atmosphere in the office, inspire trust in management, and encourage people to participate in the relocation which can make things easier for you in turn.

An office meeting about preparing employees for an office move.
Your employees are really the most important part of your business.

The guide to preparing your employees for an office move 

When you decide to move, you may be tempted to just jump into inviting New York packers and get going immediately. But that’s a bad idea! The first thing you should do is make a plan and start preparing yourself and your business. So how do you go about doing this with your employees?

Step 1: inform your employees of the relocation in time

Your office move doesn’t just affect you. It also affects everyone who works for you and everyone you work with and everyone who frequents your business. So when you’re moving, it’s important to notify everyone affected in time. Internal communication should always come first – your employees shouldn’t find out about your relocation from anyone but you!

So send a mess email, hold a conference call, have team managers speak to their teams or do a big office meeting depending on the size of your business and the type of communication you prefer. But make sure everyone knows what is happening and what the plan is. That way, there will be no confusion and everyone will be on the same page. This should help the relocation go smoothly. Finally, if you’re moving to a different city or state, the employees going with you need to arrange their own relocation. That will take time too.

Gmail screen.
Communicate with your employees about the move.

Step 2: include your employees in the relocation process

Your employees are a big part of your business and also your biggest resource. Ultimately, they are the people who spend the most time in the office space your business inhabits. So it makes sense to include them in the process of relocation. Ask for their opinions on the new space: is it too big, is it too small, what should the layout be like, what will help them work better. Designing the space according to their needs will make them feel cared for which will surely earn you their respect and loyalty. Finally, your employees are your biggest help when moving. So put them to work! Make your own moving team of advisors who will help you keep everything under control and have everyone pack their own desks to speed up the moving process.

Step 3: plan and organize the move with the help of good office movers

Even though your employees can help the relocation, they shouldn’t be the ones to perform it entirely. That’s what New York movers are there for! So contact a moving company in your area that specializes in office relocation as soon as you decide to move. With their help, you can plan a relocation that doesn’t disrupt your business too much and goes smoothly and quickly.

Step 4: lead by example

People are creatures of habit. So don’t be surprised if some of your employees are not very enthusiastic about the move. They might not want to change the space they work in or they might not like the new location because it’s farther away from their home. This is understandable. But you mustn’t let it affect the overall moral. Instead, what you should do is show your employees how excited you are about the move. Tell them about all the improvements you’re making and project positive vibes about the new space. Good energy is infectious and soon you’ll have your employees on your side!

People talking.
Get your employees excited about the move.

Step 5: maintain good communication throughout and even after the relocation

When it comes to running a business, good communication at work is essential. Your employees should always know what you expect of them and what you think of their work. This is even more important when you’re moving. You must keep your employees updated on all moving dates, moving tasks, potential disruptions to the workflow, and changes in the new office. This will ensure there are no unpleasant surprises for either you or them during and after the move!

When should you start preparing your employees for an office move?

Your employees are a part of your business so they should be among the first to know about the relocation. For this reason, you should start preparing your employees for an office move very early on in the process. Even if you are just considering moving, drop some hints to your employees. You can gauge their reaction and they can get used to the idea – this will make it easier to prepare for the actual move when it happens. Since office relocation can take months of work, you’ll want to start communicating with your employees about it months before moving day. This sounds a bit excessive but it’s simply the best way to give your entire business enough time to relocate without stress.

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