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Looking for pool table movers NYC? Look no further than IPS NYC Movers! We will treat your pool table with all the care it deserves.
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Owning a pool table is kind of awesome. Moving one, however, is less so. They’re bulky, heavy and surprisingly fragile. All this combines to make them incredibly difficult to move. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, of course. And the truth is that you probably don’t. That is why you should not move a pool table by yourself! The potential of damage to the table or injury to yourself is far too great to risk. Instead, you should rely on pool table movers NYC to handle this one for you. And when you’re looking for pool table movers in NYC, there’s no one better than IPS NYC Movers! Our experience, knowledge and expertise with pool table moving make us the perfect choice for your upcoming relocation.

A pool table ready for play.
IPS NYC Movers make sure you get to play pool in your new home as well!

Relocating and taking your pool table with you? Pool table movers NYC are the answer!

One of the first things you have to decide when moving is whether to do it yourself or to hire professional movers. When it’s a pool table you are moving, there is no question: hiring pool table movers NYC is the way to go! Pool tables are notoriously difficult to move. Because they consist not just of the outer wooden frame that you see but also of one to three stone slates that keep them level, they are incredibly heavy. In fact, they can weigh anywhere between 200 and 800 lbs! This kind of weight makes it nearly impossible for one person to lift and move a pool table. And worse yet, the damage can be irreversible if you try to do it and fail. Reparations could cost you more than the table itself originally did! So do yourself a favor – leave pool table disassembly and relocation to professionals.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best: IPS NYC Movers are what you need

The reasons for hiring pool table movers are also the reasons why you need to hire good pool table movers. In the wrong professional hands, your pool table won’t be any safer than it would be in the hands of an amateur. So it’s important to hire movers you can rely on! And there’s no one better than IPS NYC Movers. For years, we have provided New Yorkers with only the best moving services in the country! Aside from pool table moving, we offer:

Our pool table movers NYC will take good care of your pool table

The safe relocation of your pool table is important to you. That means it’s also important to us! Our pool table movers NYC specialize in the secure and efficient relocation of all types of pool tables to ensure that you are satisfied with the end result of our services. So what do we bring to the table?

Person playing pool.
Our pool table movers are the best thing you can do for your pool table relocation.

Disassembling and packing your pool table is not a problem for our experts

Arguably the hardest part of moving a pool table is not loading it on a moving van and transporting it. It’s the preparation that leads up to that! Disassembling and packing a pool table is what really makes pool table relocation NYC a job for professionals. Only professional packers NYC will have the know-how and experience to take apart all the different sections of your pool table, pack them and carry them to the van without damaging them. So let our experts handle this crucial step of your relocation!

We have the tools to make sure your pool table arrives safe and sound to your new home

One of the things that can make or break any relocation are the tools used in it. Without the right packing supplies New York, you will surely find it hard to disassemble, pack and transport anything, especially something as specific as a pool table. Our professional packing teams, however, come equipped with just the right tools so you won’t have to worry about a single thing!

Years of experience have taught our pool table movers NYC all the tricks to making pool table relocation easy and safe

Nothing teaches you more about a job than doing it. And our professional pool table movers NYC have been doing this for years. Over time, we have moved hundreds of different pool tables from and to hundreds of different locations. This has taught as everything there is to know about pool table relocation so we will be ready for any challenge you throw at us because the kind of experience we have is simply priceless.

Safe transport and perfect reassembly are guaranteed with IPS NYC Movers

Of course, the relocation of a pool table is not complete until it is ready to be used in your home. But don’t you worry! Our pool table experts are more than capable of transporting your pool table to your new home and reassembling it on the spot! With our help, you’ll be ready to play again in no time.

A pool table after being moved by pool table movers NYC.
Let professionals handle your pool table relocation and you’ll be playing again soon.

You’ll have nothing to worry about with IPS NYC Movers: we are a reliable moving company with a spotless reputation for customer satisfaction!

Do you know what the best way to find the right movers is? It is to rely on moving company reviews NYC for suggestions, recommendations and advice! Reputation is everything in a customer-focused business like ours. After all, it’s customer satisfaction that really show how well we do in our business. And we have worked hard to ensure that all our customers walk away smiling after their relocation with us. That is why our reputation in the business is spotless. With moving reviews like ours, you know there is no reason for stress.

Contact us today and the best pool table movers NYC will be on your side tomorrow

If you want the best pool table movers NYC for your relocation, then all you need to do is get in touch with us! Call us and tell us about your moving needs. We will be sure to take care of everything from there!