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Packing tips for your NYC move

The relocation process has many facets and one of the more annoying ones is the packing of all your stuff. You obviously need to hire a very good and reliable moving company and you need to transfer all your utilities and so on. But when it comes to packing, you might need some additional packing tips for your NYC move. And that is exactly what we will provide in this article. From starting early, through taking care of your valuables to labeling your moving boxes, we will make sure that your packing process is as effortless as it possibly can be! Phew, that was a mouthful, let’s start, shall we?

The Best Packing tips for your NYC move!

Obviously, there are many more tips that you can apply but we feel that these will give you the most bang for your proverbial buck.

  • Start Early and Don’t Procrastinate
  • Pack Room By Room
  • Gather Moving Boxes And Packing Supplies
  • Packing tips for your NYC move – Take Care Of Your Valuables!
  • Label Your Moving Boxes Properly
  • Get Packing Tips For Your NYC Move From A Professional Mover


Start Early and Don’t Procrastinate

When it comes to packing your stuff, you really do not wish to leave it “for later”. Even if you do not have that much stuff in your house, properly packing them takes quite a bit of time. This might seem like a piece of obvious advice but it can be quite difficult.

In fact, the more you think about it as a difficult process that requires a significant time investment, the more likely you are to start on time. You can begin with some of the items that you are not using at all. Pack a box each day, for example. The best thing to do is make a schedule and allot some time to packing one box in it. Reward yourself with something that you like once you do pack the box. You can also contact your professional mover and ask for some packing advice.

Don’t procrastinate, make plans early!

Pack Room By Room

However, most likely you will be packing in bulk. Once you start, you pack until you don’t have any more time that day. In this case, you want to focus your attention on one room at first. And in that room focus on one area at a time.

Never mix items from different rooms in one single box, unless you will not have a similar room to put them back in. Even then, it is best to create a “random” box, where you will put all of the items that do not belong in any rooms that you have in your new home.

Gather Moving Boxes And Packing Supplies

As in everything else, you need proper tools for this kind of work. Your tools do not end with scissors, knives and so on. Your tools are the moving boxes and various packing supplies. Make sure to properly assess what you will need, ahead of time.

Make a list of all of the boxes that you will need, and get some more on top of that. You want to plan for contingencies such as box bursting or breaking and having more of them is always a good idea.

Additionally, you should try to get already used and free moving boxes for your relocation. While not one of the packing tips for your NYC move, this is a tip for you to help our planet. With you not buying new boxes, there will be less demand for cutting down trees and making new ones.

Also, you might want to use a newspaper for padding your boxes. While this is fine with many items, do note that the ink may spill onto your items and potentially ruin them. We recommend white packing paper for wrapping purposes, instead of newspapers.

child in a box playing
Gather a lot of moving boxes and all necessary packing materials.

Packing tips for your NYC move – Take Care Of Your Valuables!

There are some items that you do not really want to pack in a box. Items such as family heirlooms, important documents, and papers need to be with you at all times. You will make your packing process much easier if you know what not to pack.

Additionally, no one will take better care of your most precious items than you. Moving companies will try their best and will protect your items to the best of their considerable ability. But they are not you and do not fully grasp the value of these items. It is always best to carry them yourself.

Label Your Moving Boxes Properly

Labeling is a great way to organize all of your moving boxes. If there is just one tip from the list of packing tips for your NYC move that you will adopt, adopt this one. The best practice is to place a label both on top and on one side of each box.

These labels need to contain the room name and possibly a description of its contains. Another one of the best practices is to use a different color of markers for each section of your new home (e.g. room). This will make it much easier for both you and the moving company employees to know what goes where at a glance.

color markers, scissors, color papers
Label your boxes properly. Get color markers and labels.

Get Packing Tips For Your NYC Move From A Professional Mover

And at the end of it all, you can always get packing tips from your moving company. You can also get their packing services if you want to have nothing with the packing itself. Every moving company will be glad to help you with advice, to tell you where you can acquire the best packing supplies and so on.

When it comes to packing tips for your NYC move, no one can beat a moving company that has seen it all many times. There are things that you might not even know about but they certainly do. The best thing is to give them a call and ask for advice. They will be glad to help you with anything!


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