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Packing IT equipment for a move: tips and tricks

Whether you are relocating your office or home IT collection, one thing is certain, you must pack and secure everything. But this is not as easy as packing clothes is. It requires delicate handling, proper moving supplies, knowledge, and a bit of skill. Therefore, we prepared a simple guide that will serve you well when packing IT equipment for a move. Let us begin.

Find a reliable moving team to help you with packing IT equipment for a move.

The first step on this journey is to find an appropriate moving team that will assist. You should aim for a certified and reliable moving company specialized in this kind of move. It is worth checking IPS NYC Movers as a moving company with all the expertise, knowledge, and experience to move IT equipment. It matters greatly who will handle your precious cargo. So, cover this part adequately and find a team you can trust. Also, it is important if your movers have all the necessary equipment for the job, along with an appropriate moving vehicle. Ask your movers if they cover all those requirements and secure yourself professional moving assistance.

Prepare everything.

Now, you must prepare everything before packing IT equipment for a move. It is the same as when you clean your furniture and washing clothes before packing. But with a little twist. Firstly, you must create multiple backups for all your systems. Once you are sure that your data is secured remove and detach all power sources. If you have any pieces with batteries, remove those as well. Make sure that no power surges can occur during transport. The next step is to clean your equipment thoroughly. When everything is nice and shiny, use original boxes to cradle your IT equipment. If you still have it that is. Secure all cables, wires, and detachable pieces and appoint them to their designated box. You can make bundles and tie cables with a simple tape to prevent them from untangling during transport.

Laptop with adapter and a charger plugged in
Before you start packing anything, create backups for all your systems.

Packing IT equipment for a move, 101!

In case you do not have original boxes, you must find several moving boxes NYC. You can purchase a batch from your moving company or find them at the nearest hardware store. Just make sure you obtain different sizes to fit all your equipment nicely. Then, start by placing the biggest pieces into the box and tuck them in with some kind of a cushion. You can use blankets, sheets, blister packs, etc. Whatever is the most convenient for you. Fil the gaps between items and never put two fragile items together. This means that for example, the monitor should always go alone, nicely wrapped in a blister pack.

You can use carton boxes when packing IT equipment for a move
You can use carton moving boxes if you do not have the original manufacturers box.

Ziplock bags are most convenient for smaller pieces like memory cards, flash drives, cables, screws, and pins. But you can use any kind of solution as long as you are sure they won’t get lost in the transport. And do not overstuff your moving boxes. IT equipment is not something that should collide and jump around while moving. Also, make sure to label each box with the content inside and with the big warning sign. But in the end, if the whole process seems too complicated and delicate to handle, consider purchasing packing services NYC. Let movers experienced in the field handle packing IT equipment for a move. There is no better way to preserve your cargo and ensure a safe passage.

Your IT cargo requires delicate handling.

Ok, because all IT equipment is expensive in general, you should protect yourself properly. Yes, in case of any damages, your moving company will cover a portion of it. But if you move a bigger cargo, you must ensure adequate moving insurance. Maybe in this situation would be best to seek insurance from a certified insurance company. There are packages that can cover your whole relocation for a small fee. But you should browse your options online for further guidance on this one.

Make sure your new place is ready for you.

You must think well in advance and make your new environment ready to support your systems before Verified Movers bring your belongings to a new place. Therefore, ensure that all utilities are inspected and working properly. Also, the LAN cables and the WI-FI should be set in place and ready to be used upon arrival. This matters greatly if you are moving your business with a lot of IT equipment. But for everyday use at home, it shouldn’t be a problem to set everything up in the first couple of days.

Wireless router
Ensure your wifi, wireless, and ethernet is ready to be used.

There are other solutions as well.

If for some reason you can’t fit all your equipment in your new place, do not worry. There is a solution. Maybe you are replacing your old equipment gradually but you are still not ready to get rid of it? The best way to handle is to rent one of the Astoria storage units. It will give you enough space to store your IT equipment safely and affordably. More importantly, you can rent a climate-controlled storage unit that will keep your equipment intact. You can rest assured that you’ll receive a storing service way above your expectation. Then, you can sell, donate, recycle, and replace your old IT equipment whenever you see fit. Give it a thought, it might be the solution for your current situation.

This is it, a simple guide on packing IT equipment for a move. It won’t be too hard to handle all steps we mentioned. But you must be patient and careful when handling your electronics. But you already knew that. Just keep in mind that a moving company you hire can be a game-changer in the whole process. Stay away from scamming companies by conducting proper research online before you contact them. Hopefully, you’ll find one that will provide a safe and pleasant moving experience. Good luck and have a safe journey.


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