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Packing and moving your book collection – how to

Do you have a huge library that you want to move to New York City? Wondering how you can protect your books during your relocation? Worry not anymore! IPS NYC Movers are here to help you! We are a professional company with years of experience in the moving industry. With us, you will not need to think about packing supplies, moving preparation, or any of those things that will drain your energy. And if you want to learn more about protecting your book collection, you are still in the right place. In this article, you can find out the best information on packing and moving your book collection – all in one place! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Prepare well for the move

One of the best advice you can get is to prepare well for your move! You will hear this from all professionals – whether they are long-distance full-service movers or pool table movers NYC! You will need to assess your task well in order to prepare for it, and accomplish it without any difficulties!

Think carefully about your collection in order to protect your books.

When it comes to packing and moving your book collection, you will need to do some extra planning. Books are difficult to move due to many reasons. First, they can get quite heavy. And the heavier your shipment – the more you will pay for moving it. Secondly, books can be quite fragile. Moisture, dirt, dust, critters – all of these can completely destroy and devalue a collection. So, you will need to be extra careful when transporting them.

The first step would be to carefully assess your whole collection. Go through all the books, and decide whether or not you really need to move them. Sometimes, finding a reliable storage unit might be better for your collection than having to ship the whole thing. Better yet, you can leave all you have with a friend! Donating or selling your books can also be something to consider. This way, you can do something for your library or community – and even earn some money.

So, set up an afternoon or two to go through all your books. Write down every title in your collection, and decide what you will do to it. There are a couple of questions you can ask yourself. First, consider whether or not you will ever read the book. Then, think about its collector’s value. Think about the costs of shipping the book – will the book’s price (whether real or emotional) cover this?

The moving supplies play a big part in packing and moving your book collection

Answering these questions ought to give you clear insight into how the whole moving process will go – at least when it comes to your book collection. The second thing you will want to think about is the packing supplies that you will need to use.

As you might have realized – a lot of your experience will be based on what supplies you are using. If you are using second-hand supplies, then there will be bigger risks than if you were moving with professional supplies. When it comes to boxes, you will want to get some sturdy, tough to break or bend boxes. Sometimes, even crates will be a perfect choice – if you use a lot of padding. The main reason for this is the bending itself. If the box loses the shape, then so can the books inside it – which you do not want!

different boxes on a shelf
Think about which boxes you will be using to move your books!

You will also want to find boxes that stack on top of each other with ease. This is why so many people pick plastic bins, which are made with this in mind! However, due to the materials that they are made of, plastic bins can be a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, ensure that the boxes you have are firm and stable and will withhold pressure.

But it’s not just the boxes that you need to think about. You should also focus on getting other moving supplies – like tape and padding! These are supporting materials that will help keep your books in place – and well protected. They are also working investing in, just like with the boxes! So, many it a point of putting good packing supplies on your moving checklist as well!

How to pack your boxes

Now, we’re at the fun part – actually packing and moving your book collection! There are a lot of things you will need to know when you pack for a move! First, you will want to put some packing paper or newspaper at the bottom of the box. This is so you do not damage the cover of the books during transport. When it comes to what size of books to part first – the heavy, hardcover ones go to the bottom. Then, you pile them up by weight, with the lightest being on top.

a box you can use for packing and moving your book collection
Place the books in their box carefully – do not make them bend or crumple!

If there is any space between the books, then you will want to fill it up with other items – or books. Some commonly used items also include dish towels, socks, and shirts.

Finally, you will also want to clean up after you are done packing and moving your book collection. There will be a lot of mess from the boxes, packing supplies, and similar stuff left around your home! If you do not want to worry about this, though, then our move in move out cleaning services NYC is perfect for you! They are perfect for saving you time. Let us get your new home cleaned up and ready for you to move in without stress or panic!

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