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Organizing a Closet in Five Easy Steps

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first kind is the one that will jump at a chance to be organizing a closet and will relish the subsequent opportunity to have their organizational skills tested. They will love having to fold their clothes and arrange them by color. They will know exactly what is no longer welcome, and what needs to be added. It will be a happy few hours for them… And then there is the other kind of people. The ones that clicked on this post.

Simply said, not everyone will enjoy having to organize a closet. Chances are that you won’t. For you, it will most likely be an experience best done swiftly and efficiently. Luckily, we are here. We have made five easy steps in order to make sure that organizing your closet goes as smoothly as possible.

Organizing a closet linen by colour
Get organized!

1. Preparation phase

Chances are that you moved at least once in your life. Most Americans did. If you ave, you will remember just how complicated a process the whole debacle was. It required a lot of people to relocate a lot of things. Weeks of planning, stressful execution, calculations of the moving quotes NYC and other such details. Having to organize such a process was a nightmare – and yet you probably succeeded. If you learned anything from that it is the importance of good preparation

Now, organizing a closet is not as difficult as moving. It has far fewer moving parts, so to speak. However, it has some similar characteristics. Like moving, it too requires you to take a significant detour from your regular day-to-day routine. It so happens that having to take out all of the clothes you have can be a little bit disruptive.  If you are a target demographic of this post, you are probably not thrilled about this.

However, do not lose heart. The good thing about these similarities is that a cure for one is a cure for the other as well. Just start planning on time. There are a few simple things you have to do.

  • Set the time – Make sure that you have set out a few hours completely dedicated to organizing a closet.
  • Pen and paper – You would be amazed as to just how easy a human brain forgets or misinterprets things. It is a good moment to regulate what you have in your closet and to categorize it. Both tasks are easier when you have something to write things down on.
  • Take a before and after – Just for fun, really. It will feel like much more of an accomplishment that way.

2. Organizing a closet and its content

Ok, so you have finished up with the planing. Good. You have prepared the time and resources you will need to figure out your closet and store anything you don’t want to your nearest Astoria storage units. With that sorted let us proceed to actually organize a closet.

In order to organize your closet, you first need to take everything out. Make sure you don’t throw things around without any plan and purpose. Have space on the bed or a bigger flag surface prepared for the things that you will be going lay there.

After you have everything out, you can begin with the first step of organizing a closet. Split the things you need from the things you don’t. Downsizing a closet is something all of us should do regularly. The human body is an ever-changing thing (for better or for worse) meaning that the clothes you have are not going to be clothes that you need for too long. This means that there is a lot of things that you can get rid of. Let us consider what are your options.

6 shirts
Have a clean closet in order to have truly clean clothes in it!

Downsizing and how to do it right

Once you have cleared out your closet and found what clothes you want to get rid of, you have few options.

  • Sell. The first option for organizing a closet and throwing things out is to sell the items that you no longer have any use for. Clothes that are good, but no longer fit your body or style. Garage sales or online sales are preferable, but you can also give them to second-hand shops.
  • Donate. If you don’t want that kind of money or are in possession of something you are sure nobody would pay for, consider your NY charities of choice. They are sure to take anything you have off your hands.
  • Store. You can always have a storage unit in which you can store some of the clothes for later use.
  • Throw away. Some things are just not worth the trouble…

3. Cleaning the closet

When you are preparing your possessions for moving via your chosen moving service NYC you first have to clean out the items. Now that you have cleared out your clothes, you should do the same with your closet.

Clean your closet thoroughly in preparation for the return of your clothes.

4. Improvements that can be made

Once you have a clean closet and clothes are in order, you can begin returning them to their proper place. However, you might have also noticed that there is room for improvement in your closet while you were cleaning it. Try to add new departments and improvements via leftover packing supplies NYC, or call a handyman.

colourful shirts
Look for what can be improved?

Organizing a closet is a great time to look over the clothes you are lacking too. Have a list of the things you should by next.

5. Finishing up

Finally, once you have all sorted out, cleaned out, and thoroughly looked over, you can begin returning the items to their original (or improved) place. Having them cleaned out and ironed as well will be a good step, though it is not necessarily. With these 5 easy steps, we hope that you have finished organizing a closet without too much hustle. If you are still doing so, good luck!

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