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Moving to Astoria for a job: tips and tricks

Moving for work is a very different game than just moving. Sure, best movers NYC will do everything they can to make it easier. But there are some things you should do. Whether you have three months to agree on everything or just three weeks, we hope the detailed cheat sheet below will help make moving to Astoria for a job as seamless as possible.

Ask about moving costs

Like discussing a job offer, it can be challenging. Many people may be reluctant to ask for financial help because they don’t want to appear greedy or demanding. But ask yourself, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You ask about reimbursement for some of the costs of moving with Astoria movers. And the HR officer says the organization doesn’t do that, so you say, “Thank you for letting me know”, and the conversation ends there. The job is still yours, and no one gets hurt.

People shaking hands
Or they could agree to help you with your moving costs

Depending on the company’s budget, you may receive an additional offer, a specific reimbursement amount, or even a signing bonus. So, if you decide to sort this out, make this request one of the first things you do – after you accept the offer. Unless, of course, getting help with the move is the only way you might think about taking up the position. Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can move on to the next very important step.

Create a budget for moving to Astoria for a job

Do this even if you have never kept track of your expenses. Moving costs can add up quickly. Include anything you can think of when you put it together: packing boxes, movers, cable and internet, gas, food on the road, Astoria storage units. But don’t stop there! Once you’ve dealt with them, determine what other essentials you need to feel right at home. For example, your grocery bill will be high in the first month when you start filling up your kitchen supplies. While you can save some of your staples (vegetable oil, spices, closed cereal boxes), assume you’re starting from scratch. Don’t forget to add all the seemingly small things: light bulbs, batteries, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning products.

Become a checklist person

Are you an adversary of lists, or pride yourself on your excellent ability to make mental lists of personal and professional tasks? It’s time to put your pen to paper or your finger to your keyboard. With exciting new work approaching, now is not the time to rely on your memory. There are simply too many contingencies to consider. You want to keep all your mental capacity to impress your new boss, rather than remember if you changed your address.

Along with lists, spreadsheets can be a really handy way to keep track of things. In fact, you can create a whole table about who to notify about your address change. While you can probably take care of most of this online, you will need to act holistically and diligently. This includes the post office, financial institutions, health insurance, the magazines you follow, the voter registrar, friends and family. And, since you definitely don’t want to pay for services you no longer use, make a list of all the providers you no longer need.

Kitchen stove
We understand that moving to Astoria for a job brings a lot of things to think about, but you mustn’t forget about your utilities

Start building your network

Having a strong and thriving professional community is a huge benefit. And it is critical even when you are 100% happy with your current role. To build a network from scratch in a new city, get in the habit of saying yes. Make an effort to go out and meet your new NYC neighbors. You can get lonely after moving to a new city, even if you love your job.

If you enjoy sports, consider joining the recreational league. This is a really good way to make real friends, rather than relying on meeting people outside the home. But these people can be more than just the people you meet at brunch on Saturdays; consider them part of your growing network.

And speaking of your job, take advantage of social gatherings in the office – having friends in the workplace can easily turn a tiring day around, and meeting colleagues is a great way to quickly expand your network. Therefore, even if you are more introvert than extrovert, try your best to accept invitations. You will be glad you did it in the long run.

Find everything you need right after moving to Astoria for a job

There are certain things that you should never be late for. One of them is a  job interview, but so is the first working day. Even if you interviewed in person a few months ago and you know you know where you are going, do yourself a favor and do a test check before you are officially asked to report. Find the best route or the easiest and fastest way to get there by public transport if you intend to rely on the bus or metro. In addition, you will also want to explore the essentials such as dry cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping.

Man working on laptop
Your boss would probably appreciate knowing if he can also count on you for some remote work

Make all necessary appointments as soon as possible

Are you getting a new sofa? Does your landlord come in with a second set of keys? Do you need to physically go to a DMV or be around for the internet guy? There are likely many relocation tasks that will require you to take time off work in the first weeks of the move. Do your best to schedule appointments right away so you can notify your manager of your upcoming absence.

Yes, changing jobs is very challenging. Lots of moving parts mean you should try to be as organized as possible from the start. If possible, give yourself at least a couple of days in a new location before work starts. But if that’s not an option, know that if you follow the steps above, you can get started right away. Chances are, you are not the first in your new company moving to Astoria for a job. And people who were there are more than happy to share wisdom and advice.

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