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Moving in with a roommate: how to prepare

When you are moving to New York City, moving in with a roommate is a must. The rents can get pretty bad in the Big Apple, even for a shoebox apartment. So, sharing it is often the best possible solution. However, living with roommates is not easy. You need to adjust to one another, respect each other’s needs and lifestyles, and learn how to share a living space. So, before you call one of the best moving companies NYC has to offer and start planning your relocation, find out the essential steps you need to take to ensure living with your new roommate will be a pleasure!

Moving in with a roommate means using communication skills

The first thing you will need to understand is that moving with a roommate means using your communication skills. The two (or more) of you are adults – so make sure you can behave like it. First, have an open chat about your expectations before you are moving in. Ensure that you understand each other well and that you will not be afraid to talk about any problems that might arise.

Talk to your new roommate about everything.

Not doing so can only lead to trouble. Passively-aggressively throwing accusations will lead to tension, while you should also make sure you are not being a pushover. If they forget to wash dishes once, it is alright. However, if they keep doing it – then do not be afraid to address it. Perhaps they understood that you will do the dishes while they will vacuum the apartment, or something similar. You will never know – and you will never iron any bumps into your relationship – until you talk to each other.

The same applies to the moving process too. Talk about which NYC residential movers you are using and what you are planning for the relocation. You should try to plan it at different dates – or at least at different times. Otherwise, people will be bumping into each other and creating even bigger chaos than it already is when moving in. So, keep good communication at the top of your priorities.

How friendly will you be?

The next thing you need to talk to each other is about your relationship. Is your roommate a social butterfly, or are they an introvert? Do you like to have company over and how often do you entertain guests? Ensure that you set up ground rules for this as well. Having friends over might be fun for you – but not for a person who needs to fall asleep to listening to your music or talk. So, come to an understanding about how you will have guests, at what times during the week (if any), and how long they can stay in the apartment. Also, discuss significant others, too. How much will they stay in the apartment? You’re getting one roommate – not two!

friends talking
Discuss your relationship too.

A lot of people can have the impression that roommates need to be friends when this often isn’t the case. A lot of people – especially in the bigger cities – are just looking for a way to lower their rent. Sometimes,  friends will even room together and find out they are not compatible. Spending 24 hours with someone in a cramped space can do that to a person!

Furthermore, the two of you might even be running in completely separate circles. Understanding that this is perfectly fine is a cornerstone of good friendship. As long as you two respect each other’s belongings and personal lives, you should be able to share a living space without too much hassle.

On the other hand, a lot do end up making friends with their roommates. This connection can someones last the whole life – and sometimes it is just for the stay there. Whatever the case, you should discuss it before moving in with a roommate. This will set your expectations straight so there is no awkwardness between you.

Split the chores when moving in with a roommate

Another important thing that you should do when starting your life together is to split up the chores. These are an essential part of every person’s life, no matter how not-fun the topic may be. Talk about how you will organize the things you will do. For example, you can split the cleaning by rooms, or you can each clean the whole apartment on separate days. Make sure you go over everything – preparing food, doing the dishes, doing the washing, etc. If you need – create a schedule for it to evade any conflicts that might come up.

a girl cleaning
Ensure it’s not just one person stuck with doing all the chores.

You should also talk about the communal spaces and items – and things that are off-limits to the other person. Believe it or not – this also includes how you will share (or not share) the food. A lot of people have weird preferences when it comes to this, and thus it’s important to talk about.

While on the topic of splitting things, you need to talk about bills as well. Money can cause a lot of issues – so make sure you are transparent about it at all times. Ensure you are on the same page about sharing your bills. This can also include toilet paper, toothpaste, and similar things that people often forget.


To conclude, moving in with a roommate does not need to be difficult. However, it does require a lot of teamwork and communication. The main thing you will want to keep in mind is that good communication will solve most of your problems. Meet with them prior to calling your professional packers NYC and talk through everything. Divide the chores, bills, decide on how you will entertain guests, and just make a living arrangement that satisfies both of you. This will make living with a roommate exciting, easy, and fun!

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