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Moving from NJ to NYC

Relocating to NYC is a lot of peoples’ life goals. Moving from NJ to NYC is not going to be ab easy task, but we know you can totally manage it. What is crucial is to have a plan and start on time. So let us see what you can do to nail this relocation process.

Moving from NJ to NYC means creating a solid plan

Having a solid plan is crucial for any major project including your relocation. Make sure your entire household is included in making a plan for your relocation. Be sure to do this before you dial Forest Hills moving company. Later, just include them in the sketch of your plan. Your relocation plan should hold every activity weeks ahead of moving. It is not manageable to do everything in just a couple of days, so make sure you stretch it.

Your week to week to-do list should also hold the information of who is doing which task. Making sure that there is a person responsible for a certain part of the plan means there will be no confusion. Certainty is the key and everybody should do their part so you can manage to move from NJ to NYC properly. If you are moving alone, make sure you are realistic about your schedule. Stretch your plan for a week or two to make sure you got everything covered.

Lean on your movers to get the job done

Relocation is hard and can sometimes be very confusing. There is just so much to do and seemingly very little time to do it. Why stress yourself more if you can hire IPS NYC Movers to do a major part of the job. What you find confusing and stressful they do it in a heartbeat. And that is not something to beat yourself over. These are trained professionals with amazing equipment, just ready to roll.

a person calling movers before moving from NJ to NYC
It is a good idea to hire professionals when moving from NJ to NYC

Your entire home can be transported on very short notice if you hire your movers on time. Forget about all the trouble of packing and transporting for days in a row. It can be very exhausting and make you’re moving from NJ to NYC very stressful. This should be a new and fresh start so why spoil it with an unnecessary burden. Let the pros do their thing while you cover the rest. A lot of paperwork is waiting for you to take care of it before moving from NJ to NYC. So use the time wisely, and while movers are taking care of your belongings, you take care of the paperwork.

Spend your supplies

A part of your plan for moving from NJ to NYC should be creating an eating plan. Do not burden yourself with moving your food along with you. It is not practical and sanitary at all. So make sure you spend your perishable food supply. Canned good is okay to go on a trip with you though. There is nothing wrong with that, just make sure you secure them properly.

food in the fridge
Make sure to use all perishable food because it can go bad during the move

Your eating plan should include meals for weeks closing in on the relocation. There are a lot of amazing food recipes online for you to try. Organize properly and you shouldn’t worry about having time to cook something interesting. And since you will be on your feet all day you will need the energy. Make sure you cook healthy nutritious food that can keep up with the active upcoming weeks.

Declutter first, pack later

Before you start dialing moving companies in your area make sure you declutter first. That can greatly impact the cost of moving and packing. Do not go buying supplies just yet. A lot of people have no clue about how much you can pile in your home over time. Until you start decluttering you will have no idea. Before any major purchase or dialing your movers, declutter first.

cluttered table
Make sure to declutter your home before moving

Be meticulous and do not think twice about whether to toss something or not. There is no room for old junk in your New York home. After you are done tidying up and decluttering, move on. Next on the list is a room by room packing. This is the most efficient way to pack and unpack later. When you are moving from NJ to NYC pack in this order:

  1. Storage areas
  2. Least used rooms
  3. Bathroom/kitchen and pantry
  4. Bedrooms

Use the regular storage areas to stack your boxes and keep your house mess-free. Function without a problem this way and the whole process will be faster. Your kids and pets should have a room set up to keep them safe. With them, in the way, you will have peace of mind and work faster.

Clean everything

Moving from NJ to NYC means cleaning everything you own. You can not let your current house on the market looking all messy. And you can certainly not move into a home that is not spotless. Yes, this can be a dull and long process but it is necessary. Imagine unloading all that stuff and unpacking, just to have to move it all to clean your home. That is not very practical and it is just so time-consuming.

If you are not into doing all of this on your own, we have a solution to that as well. Hiring cleaning crews for your old and your new place. Or just for one of them while you work on the other It will certainly save you a lot of time and effort. Going back and forth to clean up everything is just so time-consuming. You can be practical ad have one team clean up your NYC home while you wrap it up in NJ.

Moving from NJ to NYC with our help will be a piece of cake. Remember our advice when you start sketching on your plan and have no worries. Take your time figuring out every detail of your plan. That will ensure a lesser chance of anything going wrong. Your dream home is just waiting for you to step in!

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