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Long term storage tips

People use storage for a variety of reasons. This can apply to both short and long term storage. Short is usually when you need to repair something in your home and things are in a way, or during relocation. However, the long term shorage comes in a variety of packages. You might need to store something away for safekeeping – like an old car or some valuables. Maybe you are traveling and want to rent your home, so you clean it up for some time. Doing this, however, can cause a lot of stress! You are saying goodbye to your things and want to ensure their safety. This is why you need IPS NYC Movers! We offer amazing long term storage solutions for you – and all you need to do is call us! And today, to start, we present the best long term storage tips that you need to know!

Consider why you need to look for long term storage tips

The first thing you will want to do when trying to figure out storage solutions is to think about your reasons for storing items. This will influence your decision-making process, as well as what you are looking into when trying to find the perfect storage unit. By knowing exactly why you are storing your items, you will know what to look for. Then, your search will be shorter and everyone will be more happy with the work!

a motorbike
Think about what you want to put in the storage!

To do this, consider your items. What size of the storage unit will you need for them? Are you storing your garden chairs over winter or is it your boat? Do you want to lower your rent or are you traveling and need to keep some items safe? There are many different storage units, and our storage services can help you the best when you know exactly what you are looking for! We offer a huge variety of sizes (just like our huge variety of long term storage tips!), so we will find the right fit for your stuff!

There is also the question of how often do you want to visit the unit. If you plan on storing your things and leaving them there, you might want to find a unit that is exactly their size. However, if you plan on visiting often, taking out boxes and putting them back in, then you will want something bigger. The unit will need to accommodate you too, as well as this shifting of boxes. Take that into account when deciding on the size fo the unit you need.

Properly pack things before storing them

This is a big one. No matter how safe and secure your storage unit it, if you don’t pack things the right way, no one can guarantee you will find them in one piece. The boxes can sometimes slip around the storage, or use stability and collapse. Then, there might be dust or similar things that can make items dirty. If you pack everything well, though, you ensure that they are safe and sound!

Packing might seem like an easy enough process, but it is one of the most important long term storage tips we can give you! Keep in mind – it will, and usually does, take a lot of time! You need good packing supplies as well as good moving boxes to guard your items. Pay special attention to your breakables and fragile items, because – obviously – they are the most sensitive ones. Also, make sure you can stack your boxes the right way in the storage unit! Mark them with a “this side up” mark so you don’t lose count and accidentally misplace something.

bubble pack
Use a lot of protective material!

Another thing to remember is to keep your boxes and furniture off the storage unit floor. This is especially true when storing electronics because the cold floor can often damage and ruin their batteries. But that’s not the only risk. When things are on the floor, then they are quite an easy target for things that fall from the shelf if you accidentally knock them over. By keeping them off the floor, you are saving a lot of your items – and it’s an easy thing to do!

Climate-controlled units are your friends!

One more of the important long term storage tips we can give you is to not be afraid of specialty units. For example, people often choose not to use a climate-controlled unit. This is because it will come as a bit more expensive, so they evade it. However, it is a really useful and important perk to have!

If you have items that are climate-sensitive, then you should always use this type of unit. Things like electronics (which we already mentioned) and wooded furniture need to be stored at an optimal temperature. Otherwise, they lose their quality and might get damaged or even break! The cost of repairing and replacing these items, and the risk it brings, far outweigh the added cost of a climate-controlled unit. On the other hand, by getting it, you will also get an extra hour of sleep each night knowing that your items are safe in their long term storage.

Control the temperature of the unit easily!

These units are especially important to consider when you are looking for long term storage tips. When you are storing your items for a while, they will be here throughout multiple seasons. In New York, these temperature changes can sometimes be quite significant. And no matter how good a unit is, it will get a bit colder in the winter and warmer in the spring. These temperature changes can also damage your items – and that’s why getting a climate-controlled unit even for them is important. Luckily, doing it is easy! All you need to do is contact us today, and we will set you up with a unit of your dreams in no time!

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