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If you are looking for the finest Rego Park movers in New York City, then you are looking for IPS NYC Movers! Call us today to schedule your move!
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Moving to New York City can be quite exciting – but at the same time, very, very terrifying. It requires some careful planning of each step of the move, from the logistics and packing to the transfer of your items, storage and unloading of the truck. This can be a pretty hard endeavor to try and accomplish on your own. And that is why you always need the help of reliable Rego Park movers! Lucky for you, there is no better moving company than IPS NYC Movers! We are reliable, professional and efficient. Best of all, you can reach us with a simple phone call! So don’t waste a second longer! Pick up your phone and dial our numbers to start planning your Rego Park relocation today!

Unisphere in Queens
The borough of Queens offers quite a lot of interesting neighborhoods – and Rego Park is just one of them!


Secondly, Rego Park movers will help you move efficiently. Because of their experience, both in the moving industry and in Rego Park, they know exactly how to handle the logistics of your move. They will know what to pay attention to and what you can tackle by yourself with ease. This way, they can speed up your moving process by a huge margin. Then, when the time for actual moving comes, they will navigate their way around the streets of the neighborhood with ease! This way, you will evade all stress and you will move to Rego Park in a timely manner!

IPS NYC Movers are what you are looking for

So now that getting Rego Park movers is a clear choice, let’s talk about what makes IPS NYC Movers the best in the industry. We believe that it is one simple thing – we are the moving company that cares for you. Helping people move around New York City successfully and efficiently has been our main goal from the moment we started working in the industry. Everything we did from that moment was for this purpose.

This is why today we can happily say that we have a highly-trained and professional workforce, as well as modern and high-quality equipment. Even when we were growing and expanding, and becoming more popular, we never stopped caring. We know just how scary New York City can be for some people, and how expensive moves are. This is the reason why we offer such a huge variety of moving services. That way, you can pick exactly what you need, and you can make it affordable with ease!

women happy with Rego Park movers
Your happiness is our number one priority!

But that’s not all! We believe that good communication is the key to a happy move! This is why we highly encourage you to talk to us about anything on your mind when it comes to moving. Whether it is your hopes and expectations about the move, or your fears and anxieties. Only by discussing them with your Rego Park movers can you fight them! So, when all is said and done, there is nothing more for you to do than pick up your phone and contact us today! IPS NYC Movers and Rego Park are waiting for you!

Reasons why Rego Park movers are a must!

There is quite a hot debate nowadays in the moving industry about whether or not you should move, both to Rego Park and anywhere really, alone or with the help of some professional movers. Both of these come with some perks and some disadvantages, but the winner is quite clear. Although it may seem like moving by yourself is a more cost-effective solution, this is often very wrong! Not having professionals by your side when moving to Rego Park – even locally – can only lead you into trouble.

You need to consider your budget carefully!

First, Rego Park movers will have a lot of experience that you might not. This puts them at an advantage for a multitude of reasons. They can use their packing services to secure your items for transport and get you the best packing materials you may need. If you do it by yourself, then you are moving with a huge risk of damages happening. People don’t think about this often, but repairing your items or replacing them will often cost you much more than moving with professional movers would!

Welcome to Real Good Park!

Rego Park, or Real Good Park – as the residents call it – is a neighborhood in the borough of Queens, New York City. Its borders consist of Elmhurst and Corona to the north and Forest Hills to the east and south, as well as the neighborhood of Middle Village to the west. The boundaries are Queens Boulevard, the Long Island Expressway, Woodhaven Boulevard, and Yellowstone Boulevard.

Rego Park is a mostly residential place. Its most prominent features are the high-rise apartment buildings. However, you can also find a ton of detached houses here as well. This is not all, though – there is also a large commercial zone in the neighborhood where the residents do their shopping.

Another thing that stands out in Rego Park is the Rego Park Jewish Center. It was built in 1948 and is an Art Deco Streamline Moderne synagogue. You can find it on both the New York State and National Register of Historic Places. It serves a large Jewish population in the neighborhood.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider moving to Rego Park. First and foremost, if you have children, you will be happy to know that Rego Park and Forest Hills have a higher percentage of college-educated residents than other parts of New York City. A staggering 62% of people living here have a college diploma. Conversely, only fewer than 8% have less than a high school. Contrasting this with the 43% of the city’s residents with a college education gives you a clear picture of the quality of life in the neighborhood, and why you should consider calling Rego Park movers immediately!