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Moving to Glendale? IPS NYC Movers are the best movers in Glendale NY for the job! Reliable, hard-working and affordable - everything you need.
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If you’re looking for a place in New York to put down your roots, you will certainly like Glendale. The neighborhood is a true hidden gem of Queens, New York. Somewhat isolated and self-contained within the city, it beats to the sound of its own drum. Even many New Yorkers don’t know much about it. But movers in Glendale NY do! And IPS NYC Movers are the best of them. So when you’re moving here, let us help you out! We will be more than happy to handle everything from packing the first box to unpacking the last one so that you don’t have to stress over anything. Prompt and efficient service from us is just what you need to make your relocation easy!

Couple walking down a street.
You’ll love living in Glendale!

Moving soon? Hire the best movers in Glendale NY!

If you’re looking to change your New York zip code in the near future, you’re going to need the help of the best local movers NY to make the transition a smooth one. That’s what IPS NYC Movers are here for! The best packers and movers in Glendale NY will be helping you prepare for the big day and move into a new home when you hire us. No need for stress, heavy lifting or hard work – that’s what we do. You just sit back and relax!

IPS NYC Movers – the moving company for all your moving needs

Local moving is not just about driving a truck full of boxes down a few blocks. Nobody knows that better than the Glendale moving company that offers a whole host of moving services to their clients:

  • professional packers NYC will pack all your belongings
  • residential movers NYC will handle the relocation of your home
  • teams of commercial movers NYC are ready to tackle your office relocation
  • the best NY storage units are there to house your possessions
  • trained experts will help you with a variety of specialty solutions for pianos, pool tables, fine art, cleaning and bedbug remediation

We are the best movers in Glendale NY you’ll ever find: efficient, experienced, reliable and affordable

We measure our success in customer satisfaction. In order to achieve the best results, therefore, we specialize in providing you with what you need in a Glendale moving company. And there are four things that everyone wants from movers in Glendale NY: efficiency, experience, trustworthiness and competitive rates. Guess what? IPS NYC Movers ticks all the boxes!

Prompt and punctual local movers who respect your time

There are no late starts, delays or extensions with IPS NYC Movers. Not only are we flexible enough to come up with a schedule that works for you, but we are also respectful enough of your time to follow that schedule. Our moving teams will be at your door on time and won’t rest until they’ve completed their work, finishing as efficiently as possible. The delivery to your new home is prompt and never late so you won’t ever have to wonder about when you’ll get to see your stuff again.

Clock showing the time when movers in Glendale NY are supposed to arrive at your home.
There are no delays with IPS NYC Movers!

Years of experience in the moving business

Everyone you come in contact with through IPS NYC Movers is an expert in their field. All out packers, movers and drivers have years of experience in the moving industry and know exactly what they’re doing. This kind of expertise is unmatched by other movers in Glendale NY and the reason why we are your best choice.

Dependable high-quality service delivered by trustworthy professionals

IPS NYC Movers are not a gamble. There’s no hit-and-miss with us. We make sure that every relocation we handle goes perfectly and without a hitch. Our movers are among the most reliable and trustworthy professionals you’ll find anywhere in the country. So you can rely on us to deliver only the very best service every time!

Competitive rates on all services – get an estimate and see for yourself!

It all sounds great, right? But you’re wondering if you can afford it. Well, wonder no longer! Get a free moving estimate and see for yourself why we are the most cost-effective movers in New York! Our affordable rates on all services will blow you away. But don’t worry, it’s all legitimate and honest – there’s no such thing as too good to be true with us!

Let us introduce you to Glendale NY

Glendale is located in the west-central area of Queens, New York. It is a safe and family-friendly neighborhood of around 40,000 people. Like the rest of New York, it is a very diverse area. Unlike the rest of New York, a mix of urban and suburban permeates every street here. The multitude of beautiful parks makes it a true oasis in the heart of New York and perfect for nature lovers, families and pet owners.

Sun shining through trees.
Enjoy walking in one of the many parks in Glendale.

Despite this, incoming relocations are not overly common. This is probably due to the relative self-containment of the neighborhood owing to two factors: a serious lack of public transport (bus lines are the main way in and out of the neighborhood for those without a personal vehicle) and an effective border around the neighborhood created by cemeteries. The latter is not as creepy as it sounds, though! A mid-nineteenth century law forbidding new cemeteries in Manhattan caused an increase of them elsewhere, especially in largely agricultural or industrial non-residential areas, which Glendale was at the time. This is a part of Glendale’s long history and has led to it currently being populated by more dead people than live ones. Still, the neighborhood itself is far from dead. In fact, bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs have created a rather lively social life here.

The best movers in Glendale NY are waiting for your call!

Before you become Glendale’s newest resident, you need to actually move there. And there’s no time like the present to start preparing! So contact us today and we can start working towards your better tomorrow immediately. We have the best movers in Glendale NY ready to help you out with anything you need!