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Label moving boxes like a pro

There is just something about the packing process that makes people uncomfortable. Maybe it is the thought that you will need to say goodbye to some of your items. Or perhaps it is just how long it takes. From sorting out through your stuff to getting the packing materials, to actually packing stuff – it’s just a lot! And then, when you realize that this is only half of the job, you might feel flabberghasted! However, IPS NYC Movers have a useful hint for you! If you label moving boxes correctly, then this will half the unpacking process. Your movers will know exactly where each box goes, and they will deposit it there. What’s more, you will have better control of your items during the move, too! So how do you properly label everything up? Find out some useful techniques in this article!

Use a color-coding system to label moving boxes

One of the best and easiest ways that you can prepare your boxes for the move, as well as track them with ease, is by using color. There is just something so natural and organic about the relationship humans have with colors. We use it to show emotions or to differentiate things from one another. So why not use this affinity for colors when we are working with the moving boxes as well?

You can find clever ways to use color to differentiate between different moving boxes!

Now, it’s really up to you to devise a color-coding method for yourself. There are many ways in which you can go about doing this, as a matter of fact. You can get fancy and use different colors of packing tape with which you seal up your boxes. However, you do not need to go so all out. Sometimes just writing with markers of different colors will be enough! We suggest that you assign each room color, and go from there! The important thing to remember is to make it clear and visible, so you can follow them and find them even during the move!

You can also use stickers!

Sometimes, people just do not like writing on their boxes. Maybe you are moving all the time and you want to reuse your packing supplies again and again. When that happens, you might not want to have to find a box that says “kitchen” on it every time for your kitchen. Crossing things out and writing new rooms can also get messy with ease.

There is almost an infinite number of stickers you can use to label moving boxes with ease and precision!

This is why you can also use stickers to label moving boxes! This can often be much better than a simple color-coding method because it gives you a bigger versatility. Whereas you can get a finite number of markers and colors, there is an almost infinite number of different stickers you can have! Using them is also a lot quicker than markers! All you need to do is stick them on the box, and write down what each sticker means. The final perk is that you can even use stickers that you have lying around your home – from your kids or anywhere else!

A thing that might be bad about stickers though is that they can get confusing. If you are using a lot of them, you need to create a very good system of understanding which one describes which room. Luckily, you can just print out a sticker of plates for your silverware, a T-shirt sticker for your clothes and so on. The second thing you need to look out for is that they are quality stickers. You do not want them falling out mid-move! Finally, your residential movers NYC might not be too clear about where to leave the boxes with stickers on them, but you should be able to manage that with ease with good communication!

Use markers right to label moving boxes

It is really important how you use your markers to label everything up. This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals, really. First, you will want to label every side of the box. This is because a lot can happen during their transport. They might shift around or bump into each other. When picking them up, your movers should not have to turn around each box to figure out where it goes – so label each side instead! So, by “wasting” just a second longer on each box, you will save both your movers and yourself a lot of time during the unpacking!

a marker
Use markers like a pro!

The next thing to remember is not to only mark where the box goes! Instead, put other information on the box as well! For example, you will need to tell your movers if something in the box is fragile by writing it up. Also, if there is something inside the box that you might need during the move – mark it up. This way, the movers will know to put these boxes further out in the truck, so that they can reach them more easily. Another important thing that you need to remember if you want to be labeling your boxes like a professional is to use markers that are waterproof. Not doing it will only prolong the unpacking process while you figure out which box goes where!

Of course, when labeling, make sure your handwriting is legible. This is an important thing that makes life easier for both you and the movers. Finally, if you think you might not be able to label moving boxes correctly, make sure you use our packing services NYC! We will make the process easy while you focus on other important moving tasks!

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