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Important documents you need to collect before the move

When you are moving to some new city, country or continent you have a lot on your mind. You need to prepare everything, pack your items, and organize relocation. But there is one thing you should especially pay attention to. Your documents, ID documents, medical records, financial documents, etc. Besides making a plan about relocating your items you should make a list of all the important documents you need to collect before the move. Moving is a lot of work so let your NYC movers and packers to conduct your move while you are collecting all the documents. That is definitely something you need to do yourself.

Sort your documents into separate folders.

Documents you need to collect before the move

You will have some basic documents with you, like ID, but there are also the documents you need to collect from different institutions. Make a list and collect it one by one:

  • ID documentsgather birth certificates, passports, driver’s licenses, social security cards, marriage certificates or divorce certificates, military documents (in case you have them).
  • Moving documents – if you have hired Middle Village movers, make sure you have with you: a signed contract, a binding estimate, and an inventory list.
  • Financial documents – this includes your credit cards, your bank account statements, saving statements, bank transaction statements. Also loan papers, income tax papers, tax receipts, and tax deduction bills. Keep them with you and out of reach of others.
  • Medical records – collect all the medical documentation you are going to need in your new city – records of your and your family members’ vaccinations, health problems, specific medical needs.
  • Scholl records (if you have children)
  • Property-related documents – selling and buying agreements, lease copies, mortgage documents for your new and your old home. Keep with the insurance policies for your property, auto insurance cards, registration documents.
  • if you are moving abroad there are also some important documents you need to collect before the move ( passport, visa, work permit, etc…)

Organize your documents

Sort your documents into separate folders or envelopes and label them accordingly. Keep your documents organized in a way that makes it easy to find whatever you need in a few minutes. It is a good idea to keep your paperwork with you, do not pack them with other belongings prepared for the move.

at doctor
Visit your doctor before the move and ask for your medical records.

Having duplicate copies of your most important papers may be a smart move. Make several photocopies of every significant certificate, license, record, etc. you have and keep the duplicates in a separate folder. It would be good to make digital copies of your documents too. You can scan them and save on your computer, smartphone, or your external drive or flash drive. There are different options.

This would be a list of the documents you need to collect before the move but of course, it depends on your situation, marital status, etc. Prepare all the important documents you need to collect before the move. But moving and packing left in hands of your movers in order to have a smooth relocation.



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