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How to unpack your office after moving

Relocation is already stressful by itself. No matter if you move for business or starting a new life in a new city. Moving your office can be quite challenging as well, but after you finish moving, the next thing is to unpack your stuff. When you enter your office as the mover is unloading the last of the boxes, all the work still to be done can seem very overwhelming. In order to get back to work, a productive space is a must. Which means, unpacking. Have you always wonder how to unpack your office after moving? Where should you begin?  Here are some tips and tricks.

First things first

First, you have to pack all your belongings before the office moving. Not only are there expensive electronics, but there are also important documents that require safekeeping, as well as books, decorations. And some furniture of course. Pick up your packing supplies such as:

  • Boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Small, medium and large electronic boxes
  • Markers
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble bags

Organize your belongings. This step mostly applies to paperwork, files, and other physical documents in your office, especially if you’re the type to store loose sheets of paper stacked on a desk instead of inside a file cabinet. Start by going through everything and pulling out what you can shred or recycle. It doesn’t make sense to pack more than you need to, so try to take the documents that are important to you. With everything organized, go ahead and pack your documents logically. For example, keep medical records, financial paperwork together, and other common categories together. Use a bag or small box for your most sensitive documents and take this with you.

Organize your documents properly, you do not wont to lose some important paperwork.

Pack your electronics. Before you begin, you may want to take a photo of each device while it’s still set up so you’re having something to reference when you plug it back in later.  Make sure to back up the files stored on your computer to an external drive just in case anything were to happen to your computer during the move. When packing the other computer parts, once again wrap those devices in Anti-Static Bubble before packing them away to provide maximum padding and protection from static electricity. Don’t forget to label the boxes. With your electronics securely packed, you can move on to the decorations and furnishings in your home office, starting with the fragile items. In the end, pack your books, magazines.

Find a reliable moving company

If you don’t have time to pack your office stuff, office movers NYC will help you with that. Finding a reliable moving company is the crucial thing to do for many reasons which we do not need to mention. Besides the fact that you are moving, which is stressful by itself, you don’t need additional stress whether your belongings are going to be damaged, lost, or stolen.

That’s why it’s preferable to have insurance just in case your stuff gets damaged or lost. You should specify the type of insurance in case your things get damaged or lost, will they be repaired, replaced, or are you going to be reimbursed. Being well-prepared is half of the job, so do the research on the internet in order to pick the right moving company or contact us, and we will find you an agency that suits your needs and budget. Maybe it wouldn’t be bad to make a list of all your belongings or take some photos so you can easily note if something is missing, you can just never be careful enough.

Unpack your office after moving  and check your belongings

As soon as you unpack your office after moving, take inventory of your office materials. You want to make sure that your items have been properly moved. IPS NYC Movers will make sure to deliver your belongings. Also check every box to verify it’s content because you can never be too careful when it comes to your stuff, especially in the office. Better to know right now if you are missing a box or two than a couple of days later. In case you find that some things are missing, notify the moving company immediately.

In order to unpack your office after moving, make a room plan. It can also help you prevent moving items back and forth across the office. It will show you where the furniture will be, as well as all the other things such as computers, office supplies, etc. Before unpacking your stuff move in move out cleaning services NYC will clean up your office in no time.

deska at the office
Set up your desk and boost your productivity.

Set up your technical things

After the furniture is placed, install your technical equipment. If you have an IT technician, be sure to follow their instructions on how to set up your gear. Make sure to have enough space to work after setting up your computer. The devices that you use the most, should be close to you and accessible.

Here is a list of items you use the most when you are about to unpack your office after moving:

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • Computer
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Lamps
  • Bookcase
  • Office supplies (pens, pencils, scissors, stapler, notepads, etc.)
  • Printer
  • Telephone
computers, office tables
Set up your computers so you can start working as soon as possible.

Organize your working desk as soon you unpack your office after moving

Once your furniture and technical equipment are installed, it is time to organize your desk. That should be your next focus. Put your supplies, files, and other materials in your drawer. The most frequently used items should be in the top drawer. More space to work is important so minimize the number of items on your desk. Fewer distractions will improve your working focus. Books, archived files, and reference materials can be the last items you want to unpack.

You may find a better office set up over time that is going to be better than your initial. A more suitable place for your desk and computer, bookcase, or even your floor lamp. It’s all in the name of your productivity and being comfortable at your office. When you unpack your office after moving, sit back, relax, and enjoy your working space.

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