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How to Transport a PC in a Car

A PC is a wonderful piece of equipment. Many people (especially devoted gamers) spend upwards of thousands of dollars to create top-of-the-line rigs. That’s why a lot of folks get really nervous whenever they need to move them. Whether you’re moving or just need to take it for repairs and back, you probably want to know how to transport a PC in a car safely.

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll learn about right here! Keep in mind that we’ll mostly be talking about moving a PC during a relocation. However, whether you’re moving or not, you’ll

Do you need professional movers to transport your computer?

Assuming that you’re moving and you hired a moving truck NYC companies rent out, should you let the movers handle your PC? To be sure, moving experts know quite a bit about how to pack and transport fragile items. So it would make sense to let them put your computer on their truck, right?

Well, not really. As skilled as they may be, sometimes moving trucks are simply too much of a hazard. While they’re perfectly fine for your other belongings, a PC is generally too vulnerable. If something would move in the truck during transportation, it could easily knock its components out of their places, leading to potentially vast damage.

It’s different in a static environment, so if you opt for moving and storage NYC can provide, you can store a PC in a warehouse, and it would be perfectly fine. But there’s simply too much going on in a moving truck to guarantee the safety of such a fragile object. So, the best thing to do is transport a PC in a car. You can secure it in your passenger seat or back seat and keep a watchful eye on it.

Make sure to pack your PC well

When you’re preparing to transport a desktop in your car, you have to make sure to pack it properly. This means gathering a few supplies before you get started. If you want to do it right, you’ll need the following:

  • Packing paper
  • Plastic padding (preferably air-filled)
  • Packing tape
  • Soft items such as sheets, towels, or socks
  • A sturdy box in which to transport a PC in a car
  • Another box for your mouse, keyboard, speakers, and so on
A stack of towels
Towels make for excellent padding material

If you have any, use as many original packing materials as possible. These are specifically made to move a desktop safely, so they’ll be easier to use. If you don’t have them, though, you can still get them elsewhere. Maybe your office’s IT department has one to spare, for instance.

All the same, you want to pack that box tightly. Use sheets, towels, or other padding materials to fit the computer snuggly into the box. Tape the box well so that it doesn’t open up on its own. That way, either you or Maspeth movers (if they devote special attention to it) can rest assured that any bumps on the road.

Disassemble before you transport a PC in a car (if you know how)

As we already mentioned, a PC is a very delicate piece of machinery, mostly because it’s made up of so many separate pieces. So, it stands to logic that it would be safer to transport a PC in a car if you remove all those pieces and safely wrap and pack them individually.

This, of course, requires a little knowhow on your part. If you’ve never taken a computer apart before or have no idea how to, it’s best to leave it as is. But if you’re competent at handling computer software, then feel free to disassemble your PC. Just make sure to use non-static materials when packing all the electrical components. And if you’re using any moving service NYC has available, this actually helps the movers transport your PC without the aforementioned risk.

A PC power supply
If you can take your PC apart and be sure that you can put it together again, it could be a good idea

How to transport a PC in a car the right way

Once you’ve gotten the packing part sorted out, it’s time to get to the transporting itself. If you’re putting several things in the car, it’s smart to find a place for your PC first. While it’s generally advised that you pack fragile things last, your PC box is pretty large, so you’ll probably struggle to find a spot for it if you’ve already crammed the car with all sorts of knick-knacks.

In most cases, the best place for your PC is behind the passenger seat. You’ll want to make sure it doesn’t veer while you’re driving. To that end, secure it with padding – towels, T-shirts, and the like. Put in as much padding as you need to ensure it doesn’t budge. Once you do that, you’ll be set to move a PC safely.

Luckily, you don’t really have to worry about the position in which you place your computer. While vulnerable to bumping and tumbling, the pieces inside your PC are relatively well-secured, meaning that laying it on its side won’t do it any harm.

Back seats with enough room to transport a PC in a car
The passenger’s back seat is the optimal place in a car to transport your computer

Whether you have some of the local movers NYC has in its arsenal to help you out with your move or not, you should always unpack and safely store your computer before tending to your other things. It’s a delicate, yet expensive piece of equipment, after all. The sooner you have it placed somewhere safe, the smaller the risk of someone damaging it.

Transport a PC in a car: Wrapup

It’s understandable if you feel anxious whenever you’re about to transport a PC in a car. It’s a little risky, and it could cost you a lot of money if something goes wrong. But it doesn’t have to be that much of a hassle. With the right steps, you can move a PC in a car without a single hitch. And those steps are exactly what you learned right here!

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