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How to reuse your moving supplies

After you have moved, unpacked all your boxes and put your furniture and items where they need to go, you might be tempted to think that the moving processes over. However, this is far from true! It can come as a shock when you realize just how much you have still to do! One of the first next things you will want is to find a way to get rid of packing supplies NYC. But instead of tossing them out, is there a way to reuse your moving supplies? Luckily, the answer is yes! And even better – IPS NYC Movers will show you how to do it in this very article! Keep reading to learn what you can do with all of the used moving supplies!

Make sure to recycle the things you will not use

If you do not believe you will use your moving boxes – or the supplies you used to secure your items – make sure you recycle them. Just throwing them away can harm the environment! Luckily, there are places in most of the cities where you can recycle cardboard – and NYC offers many options. All you need to do is find the center near you and you will not be charged extra to have the boxes go!

There are many recycling centers around NYC.

What you need to think about is that some centers do not do curb pickups – so you might need to take them there by yourself. If that is the case, then make sure you call them beforehand. You will want to check with the restrictions they might have for size, amount and how you need to give them away. For example, you might need to flatten the boxes up in order for them to take it from you.

When moving your office, though, this amount can be quite big. This is why you should also talk to your office movers NYC about the best ways to recycle the moving supplies. They might have some amazing tips and tricks to who you or point you towards the best center for you. What’s more, they might even want to do this for you or include it in their services – you never know until you ask!

Reuse your moving supplies by selling them

Another unconventional way to reuse all your moving boxes and supplies is to simply sell them. This is especially a good idea if you had some unexpected moving costs, and your moving budget was depleted. There are multiple ways in which you can do this. Look for different companies near you which buy and then resell moving boxes. You might even find a company that sells used boxes that you can contact about buying yours. Again, you can ask your moving company about them – or just go searching online.

an empty wallet
Sell the boxes if you need some money.

Secondly, you can look around your new community. Many places have their own ways of selling boxes – or stores for used goods. You can only try to go to different websites that resell different items and offer your boxes here. Look for various message boards, newspaper ads or even Facebook groups! You need really know what you can run into, and how you will be able to make some extra money.

Use your boxes for storage or similar DIY projects

If you do not want to part with your boxes, then another way to reuse your moving supplies is by using them for a storage unit. When you are done moving, you might notice that not everything can fit into your new living quarters. So, you might end up searching for NYC storage. And once you have the perfect unit, you will be happy to already have storage boxes lying around.

Moving boxes are usually sturdy and resistant so that they can withstand the stress of transporting them. This also makes them perfect for a storage unit. All you really need to do is pack up your items into them and label them correctly. This way, you will have cheap storage supplies, and you will keep everything in order. Later, you might reuse them again for the next move.

What’s more, you can use cardboard boxes for some DIY projects as well. For example, flatten them up and use them as protection when changing oil, painting or gardening. You can also create many great things for them. Your pet can get a new pet bed, and your children can get playhouses, costumes, and sleds. Just let your imagination run wild and think outside the proverbial box!

If you cannot reuse your moving supplies, consider giving them away

Sometimes, though, you really cannot find any use for your boxes. You might not have a pet, and your children might already have all the toys they might need. You might also be lucky enough not to have a chipped moving budget, and you can feel too lazy about recycling your boxes. What’s more, you might even want to give to your new community and find your place in it easier. In this case, consider giving away your boxes.

a donation box
Give back to your new community.

So, you can ask around your neighborhood if they might want to reuse your boxes. Find a bulletin board in your building, or your landlord can help you find them for you. You can also create flyers talking about giving away your boxes so that people can contact you if they need them. You might even meet some interesting people this way!

However, you should also consider donating to an organization in the community. Many libraries, schools, and community centers will gladly take your moving boxes. They often use them and will be grateful for the opportunity. You can also visit food banks and churches for this as well. This might take some time, but helping your community is always a nice gesture!

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