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How to relocate your pool table: tips&tricks

There are a lot of things you need to do before you move large items in your home. Especially when it comes to relocation! And with every huge item comes a different kind of preparation! In the following article, we will talk more about how to relocate your pool table, so you know you will do it in the safest way possible! Continue reading to find out more!

What to do before you relocate your pool table

Now, before you even begin your relocation, you need to know how to prepare before you relocate your pool table! There are a lot of things you need to finish up! And one of them is to make a simple to-do list! In it, you will fill up all the tasks you need to complete before you start moving your pool table. On that list, you will have tasks such as:

  • Making sure you have all the tools you need to dismantle the pool table. These tools will help transport your pool table with ease. Because it will be in parts you will have no problems packing it.
  • Having appropriate packing and carrying supplies. This means you will have to have a lot of things. For starters, items to wrap the pool table in order to protect it. If you believe this is a hard task, maybe you should get yourself packing services NYC. That way you know your pool will be packed properly!
  • Straps are very important! They will allow you to have a better grip on the pool table so you can carry it with ease!
  • Materials you will use to protect the floor from scratches
  • A dolly
old blankets you can use as wrapping material before you relocate your pool table
Use old blankets as wrapping materials before you relocate your pool table

These items are a must-have if you plan to relocate your pool table! Not because it will be easier to do it with them. But because it will be impossible to do it without them!

Consider getting a storage unit

When you are about to relocate your pool table, you should always have in mind that you can rent a storage unit! Because that way you may come back for the table when you are done moving all the important items to your new home. The pool table will be kept safe and sound in the storage unit, and you will have a lot more room in the moving truck once you come back for it! Always have in mind, that good storage units NYC can mean a lot when it comes to relocating big items such as pool table!

storage units
Storage units are excellent solutions when you need to keep items safe

Don’t get yourself injured

One of the biggest tips and tricks you will get when you are about to relocate your pool table is to stay safe at all time! Yes, this is very important, because you are about to transport something that is big and heavy! Injuries do happen, and back injuries are not strangers to this! Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes during this time. Don’t forget to wear proper shoes that will protect your feet in case the pool table falls. Then there are gloves to let your hands have a good grip. After that, you will use straps to better secure the table and carry it to the moving truck. And for the end, do not forget to lift with your knees, not your back! 

A turnbuckle
Use turnbuckles to stay safe and protected at all times

In case you do get injured you should know more about the ways to treat back injuries! That way you can treat the injury instantly without having to check in with the doctor!

Dismantle the pool and clear the path

Once you have gathered all the necessary tools you should start with dismantling your pool table! This is a good opportunity to both see if something is wrong with it and prepare it for easy transport. Once in parts, you can wrap up each and every part of the pool table for the additional protection. It is actually pretty easy since the parts are not oddly shaped at all! Just make sure you pack them well and tight, so they won’t fall off during the transportation

If you wish to relocate your pool table without having any issues, then the next thing you need to do is to protect your floors and clear a path! Yes, this is highly important since no one will carry the pool table all the way. You will have to put it down on the floor to rest for a bit. So, put some old cardboards on the floor and then carry the pool table over them. Make sure you cleared the path for the pool table! You do not need any obstacles in your way while you are carrying something that heavy. You can use these same tips for piano transportation as well!

Use blankets and a dolly

Now, if you want to fully protect your pool table from any damages you should wrap it up! And you should use old blanket for such a thing! Because there are a lot of things that can go wrong, you can just simply put the blanket on the pool table and tighten it up with the strap. The blanket will provide all the protection with the pool table will need.

a dolly
Dolly can help you a lot when you have to carry heavy items

The dolly is the best thing if you need to drag the pool table to the truck and lift it. Otherwise, your relocation will be very hard! Before you relocate your pool table, make sure you got yourself a good old dolly!

In order to relocate your pool table, you have to have all of these things done! It is a heavy piece of furniture/item in the home, and you need to take care of all of the things mentioned above! We hope our article provided you with enough information on how to do it with ease!

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