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How to prepare furniture when moving to Woodside, NY

Moving is a process that requires a lot of planning and patience. With all the stresses it can induce, everyone is looking for the easiest way to relocate. Luckily, professional movers like movers in Woodside, NY provide clients with all the needed assistance with moving. Another big problem to tackle is how to prepare furniture when moving to Woodside. With all the different factors influencing the moving process, we must grasp every aspect of moving.

a living room filled with furniture
Having large and fragile furniture can be hard to transport

Moving furniture is a vigorous task. With the fragility of the items and the overall dimensions of different furniture, you will need a good plan before you start packing.

Steps to take to prepare furniture when moving to Woodside

As relocation is a process that requires a lot of planning, safely packing and loading your furniture will require a lot of patience and calmness. Given the fact that many furniture items can be quite fragile, it is of utmost importance that they are taken care of properly. You must take everything into the account. Because of this, we have come up with a list of basic things you must do before moving with your furniture.

  • Create a checklist
  • Measure the doorways and hallways
  • Prepare adequate equipment
  • Disassemble and pack carefully

Even-though moving furniture can be an exhausting task, luckily you are not alone in this. Hiring professional movers, like moving furniture NY, will provide adequate assistance to their clients to make this process easier.

Create a checklist

Furniture may be mostly large and cumbersome. Non-the-less, it needs to be transported. By creating a checklist of all the furniture you posses you will have a better insight into how much work needs to be done and how much time will it take to finish the job. It will also assist you in knowing what your next move should be. Having packing and moving services in NYC while preparing furniture when moving to Woodside will save you a great deal of time. This will let you focus on other things instead of clinging on to the one aspect of the move.

A pair of glasses and a pen on an inventory list to better prepare furniture when moving to Woodside
Creating an inventory list will provide you with better insight into what should be a priority

By creating a checklist you will know if you need more time to disassemble the beds, tables, closets, and other furniture. It will also help you understand which items have priority over other ones.

Measure the doorways and hallways

The most tricky thing about moving furniture is trying to fit it through the doors and spaces in your home. Because of their bulkiness, these belongings may cause issues on a moving day. That is why you should measure the doorways and hallways in your home and hall. This step will let you know what items can be moved without issues and what items need disassembling beforehand.

Generally, the best option is to keep your furniture in one piece. This will make it a lot easier for loading and unloading and it will save you time and it reduces potential damage done to the item. In case you are living in a building make sure that the furniture can fit in the elevators.

Prepare adequate equipment

Having adequate equipment to carefully carry or disassemble your furniture is a must. This lowers the chances of inducing damage to the belongings. Moreover, it allows you to safely put apart large furniture and it opens a lot of space for more items.

Packing and cushioning material is also a must when moving big and fragile furniture. Things like tabletops and table legs should always have protection from any potential damage. Hiring professionals with adequate moving equipment is also important. In order to protect your back and reduce the chances of damaging items, movers should assist you with a truck that has straps and a ramp. This will make the process of loading belongings much easier and it will prevent any injuries.

Disassemble and pack carefully

Prepare the furniture that needs disassembling first. This will be the most time-consuming process when moving. Therefore, it is advisable to be well-rested and energetic while doing so. Remove any parts that can be removed. For instance, table legs, shelves, bed frames, glass tops. This will make the loading of the furniture much easier and will save a lot of space for other belongings. Provide bags to store the bolts and nuts for the furniture you disassemble. By doing so you lower the chance of losing them during the process.

Prepare furniture when moving to Woodside with ease

To prepare furniture when moving to Woodside surely is an exhausting task. But, nothing is difficult with the right plan and good organization. Providing adequate equipment and having insight into the inventory list will make the process a lot faster. With all the precaution steps to be taken, like disassembling the items and storing the parts of the furniture somewhere safe, moving furniture will be as easy as it gets.

paintings, couch and lamps as a part of a living room
Disassembling furniture room-by-room is the best way to stay organized during the move

If you are moving and opting to rent a moving truck, you must carefully load the items. Heavier and most fragile items should always go first. With proper packing and cushioning techniques and materials, they will be more than safe. Fixating them in the back of the truck will also add an extra layer of safety. Softer or more durable items can go in the front of the truck.

However, if you decided to hire professional movers, then you will not have to worry. Moving companies will send their experienced crew to load the truck. This is the safest way to load and transport items. The only thing left for you to do in that case is to measure the doorways and hallways to ensure that the items will fit through.

We understand how difficult the moving process can get. That is why, using these tips we want to help you go through it as smoothly as possible.


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