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How to prepare for moving to Long Island City

While some people claim that living in the Big Apple is not ideal for everyone, we disagree. In a city of over 8 and a half million people, you are bound to find a place you can call home. Five large boroughs make the city of New York, and each is unique and special in its own way. If you think that day-to-day life in NYC is very busy and fast-paced, you are not far from the truth. However, living in Manhattan isn’t the same as living in Queens. You’d like a more peaceful environment, but to be close to Manhattan? Moving to Queens might just be the perfect step for you. Here is how you can successfully prepare for moving to Long Island City.

How can you prepare for moving to Long Island City?

First of all, you should hire reliable Long Island City movers. Especially if you’re new to the City! Newcomers have a much harder time adjusting to life here than any of the locals. Even the locals get lost from time to time! So, if you hire a professional team to assist you with your Long Island City relocation, you’ll be much better off. The experts will guide you through your relocation process one step at a time. Moreover, they will be by your side at all times. On top of it all, they know the area like the back of their pocket. 

woman carrying moving boxes
Opt for professional movers so you don’t have to carry heavy boxes up and down the stairs in your new apartment building.

Hiring movers who are out of town can become a little bit tricky. Moving to NYC probably means you are moving into an apartment. Movers from another town or even a state won’t have much experience in carrying all of your belonging up to the third floor without an elevator. As you already might know, the streets are quite narrow in most of NYC. Therefore, you can’t simply park a moving truck anywhere you want. IPS NYC Movers will know how to handle these situations and more.

What can you expect from life in this part of Queens?

Like we mentioned before, living in Queens will be slightly different than living in Manhattan. First of all, you can find much cheaper housing in Long Island City than anywhere across the bridge. Over the last few years, this neighborhood underwent major construction and there are even new apartment complexes being built. There are also wider streets, which is very convenient for your movers! The views you can get from an apartment in Long Island are mesmerizing. If this is your sole reason for moving to Long Island City, we don’t blame you! Since this neighborhood is on the extreme western tip of Queens, you can get an apartment that overlooks the Manhattan skyline. Isn’t that one of the best views in the city? We totally agree!

brown apartment building
If you’re on a tighter budget, you will have more luck finding an affordable apartment in Long Island City than in Manhattan.

Prepare for moving to Long Island City ahead of time

It’s no secret that rushing your relocation process can ruin its charm. You will move either way, whether you plan in advance or stay up the whole night before the movers arrive, packing your boxes. However, you will save so much of your energy if you take one thing at a time. Even if you only pack one box per day, starting a few weeks earlier will give you a great headstart. If you can’t spare the time, you can always ask our movers to pack the boxes for you! They will do it in a timely and efficient manner, and can even provide all the packing supplies you need. Also, if you come up with a detailed moving checklist, you will never forget to do anything. From packing to switching your utilities and letting your bank know you’re moving – there are various things to keep in mind when moving.

Research the area that you are moving to

One of the tasks to do when you prepare for moving to Long Island City is to do some research on it. From a simple internet search, you can learn so much about your future neighborhood! If you don’t want to roam around a day after your movers leave, looking for a grocery store, get to know this part of Queens ahead of time. Maybe even come and visit for a few days! Rent an Airbnb nearby and act like a local. Some of the stores and places you might be interested are:

  • FoodCellar&Co – quite similar to Whole Foods, if that’s a place where you like to shop for groceries
  • The Doughnut Plant – a great place to get breakfast donuts to treat yourself after a move
  • Bareburger – haven’t unpacked your kitchen yet? Not a problem – grab a few burgers for everyone
  • Sweetleaf Coffee & Cocktail Bar  – they brew some amazing coffee there!

It’s so easy to access Long Island from anywhere in the City

A part of researching the new area is knowing how you can get to and from your job (or anywhere else in the city). The New York subway is famous for connecting virtually every borough and part of NYC. Long Island is no exception! If you choose to relocate to this neighborhood, you’ll have plenty of ways to access the rest of the city. N, W, and R lines connect you to Manhattan, as well as Brooklyn. If you need to go to the Financial District, you can also take the E train. A quicker way to get to Brooklyn would be using the G train because that one doesn’t go to Manhattan first. In either case, Long Island is a perfect location for all – why not decide to move there?

man talking on a phone outside a metro station
Living in this part of Queens gives you so many opportunities for a commute. You can easily hop on a train and be in Brooklyn or Manhattan within minutes!


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