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How to prepare for moving to Astoria

Moving is a tough deal and is a lot to take in. This is why you need to prepare for moving to Astoria on time. Preparation is everything and we will help you prepare like a champion. Take on this move like a pro and deal with everything like never before. Trust us when we say this will be a piece of cake with our help.

Contact your movers

It is never too early to go looking for moving companies that suit your needs. There are a lot of movers out there and you will need to hire movers NYC on time. When choosing and booking your movers, doing it in a timely manner is already a job half done. You will also probably get a fair price if you book months in advance. That way you will also have time to go through every step of the move with the company of your choice.

A woman knowing how to prepare for moving to Astoria
Prepare for moving to Astoria by calling your movers first

Hiring reliable movers means putting in the energy to do the research. Reputable moving companies have tons of comments online about their services. They are also transparent with how they work and they do live estimates. Your family or friends will most likely have a company they dealt with before. Always check them out first to see if they fit your needs.


Prepare for moving to Astoria by decluttering before you pack

Your move will be a lot easier and cheaper if you opt-out to declutter. Decluttering will take some time off of your hands, yes, but much less than packing. Start from the storage areas and your home and be merciless. Throw out everything you no longer use or choose Astoria storage units to put it away. Unpacking in your new home will also be a lot easier if you declutter.

a cluttered room
Start by decluttering your home a bit

Buying packing supplies always come after decluttering. This will also save you money as you won’t buy as much. Call some friends to help you out with this part of the relocation. It is not as serious as packing and you can have some fun while at it. Ut on some music and remember the old days. Since you have started packing on time having little fun with your friends won’t bring you into panic mode. You have time and it is okay to relax and catch a breath once in a while. This does not have to mean work all day and every day.


Buy proper packing supplies

To prepare for moving to Astoria means you need to pack well. Long distance moving  to NYC can be hard on your belongings. We have already established that you need to buy supplies only after you have decluttered. Since no you have less to pack, you can buy more of the quality supplies to secure your items. Managing all of this might seem like a lot. But you will grasp it in no time. Prepare for moving to Astoria with these essentials:

  1. Packing tape and paper
  2. Plastic containers
  3. Moving dolly
  4. Boxes and bags
  5. Moving blankets
  6. Packing peanuts

Of course, there is a lot more if you prefer, but these are the basics. Take your time when packing to secure your items well. You would now want your stuff shattered across the truck. And the material damage can be great as well. Focus when packing and make sure you got it right. Placement in the truck is also important. Dense heavy items go first, and fragile items on top.


Pack room by room

To keep your home functional as long as possible you will need to start packing room by room. This is the most efficient way to pack and keep the house functioning until the very last moment. All the stuff scattered across your home will only slow you down and make a mess. Start packing from the least used areas of your home, the storage areas. Then work your way until you reach the bedrooms. Prepare for moving to Astoria properly and do not waste time and space.

Keep the boxes in designated rooms or make a storage area off of one of the rooms. Make an inventory and always label the boxes. Label them with the content of the box as well as the room they belong in. Learn more about why the value of checklists when relocating. This will make unpacking a lot easier and faster as well. There is no need to pack everything in a day. Divide the work between family members and take your time packing. As we said, it is really important to pack properly and secure your items. That takes time and dedication,


Prepare yourself as well

Moving is often a happy event in our lives. Nevertheless, it is often perceived as a loss as well. We are leaving our home and the people around us. Even if you are preparing for moving to Astoria dream home it can still be hard. Acknowledging your emotions is the key and is as crucial as the move itself. Take your time to say goodbye to people you love and cherish. Make a farewell party and have a good time.

a portrait of a smiling girl
It’s OK to be emotional when moving

Have regular family meetings to express your emotions. Talking to your family about this will make it easier for all of you. To be afraid and excited at the same time is normal when moving. Learn about understanding the feelings in the right way. Picking and fighting can sometimes be a part of moving as well. All of us are tense as we are making a big change in our lives. Have that on mind before staring a fight or beginning to feel nervous.


Prepare for moving to Astoria on time and you will work it all out. A family working on it as one will have no issues with doing it properly and in a timely manner. Do not worry about your moving process. We often tend to overreact and panic in times of pressure such as these. We have faith that you will manage everything well and we wish you good luck!

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