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How to plan and organize a yard sale?

There comes a time when you just have too much stuff lying around the house. If you happen to trip on something that should not be there, or that you cannot put something precious in your attic for safekeeping, maybe it is time to have a yard sale. What is a yard sale you ask? Well, a yard sale is when you take all of the items in your house that you do not use, or rarely use, put them in front of your house, attach a price tag, and hope that someone is going to buy it. However, there is much more to this if you do not want to hope that someone will come, but know. Therefore, we have created this article just for you! How to plan and organize a yard sale the right way! So, without any further ado, let’s dive in!

plan and organize a yard sale the right way
A garage sale is a great way to shed weight from your move

Plan and organize a yard sale – what’s to know?

If you plan on moving, having a yard sale is another great way to shed some weight of your move. When you find a reliable moving company, you will learn that they usually give you an estimated price of the move based on the weight of your cargo. Therefore, less weight means a lower price of your move. So, it is a great moving idea. But an organized yard sale is not so easy to pull off. That is why you need to know all the tips and tricks of planning and organizing a successful yard sale. And you are in the right place for that! Let’s see what you need to do!

What about selling the items online?

If you cannot go through the hassle of organizing and planning a yard sale, you can always sell the items online. Just go on a website such as eBay and list your items there. You may have to wait a bit longer to sell it, but you most likely will. There is a much larger audience online and that increases the chance of it selling it by a huge margin. You can also sell the items that you have not managed to sell on your garage sale. Think of it as a plan B. Now, let’s get to organizing the yard sale!

Plan and organize a yard sale the right way!

Okay, so you are probably asking what needs to be done for a yard sale to go smoothly. You may have heard some tips and tricks from your friends, and if they had success with that, then you will as well most likely. Other than that, we have a list of stuff you should pay attention to in order to have a successful yard sale. These things are proper advertising, bargaining, and setting up the stuff at the sale itself. You may want to sell your pool table. For this, either call professionals or call your friends to help you relocate your pool table. Let’s talk about these in more detail!

You may even give some items for free!

Advertising your yard sale

When it comes to advertising your yard sale, there are a couple of options you can employ. However, before we begin, you need to grasp the importance of this fact. There have been to many yard sales that did not manage to sell anything just because… Do you have any idea why? If you answered “probably because nobody came” that would be the correct answer. So, advertising your sale is of utmost importance. There is no use of having one if nobody came! Furthermore, one of the ways you can advertise your sale is to print out flyers and posters. Then you can “hire” your kids to hand them out around the neighborhood. If you do not have children, you can do it yourself. You should also take the posters and put them up on notice boards around your neighborhood. This will surely increase the chance of someone seeing that and coming to your sale.

Advertise your sale online

If you are into technology and want to boost your sale reach, make sure to give social media a try. If you go on Facebook and create an event, you will most likely attract more people to your sale. You should also share the event, and ask as many of your close friends to do so as well. If you can spare a buck, make sure to make your sale sponsored. This way you will reach a lot more people that are not on your friends list. Set the location, time and date, think of an interesting name or a slogan, and you are good to go!

You can even hire your kids to sell their toys!

Organizing the sale itself

When you do the advertising part and the sale is well on its way of becoming reality, it is time to think about organizing. When you organize and plan a yard sale, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you should pack similar things together. For example, put books in one box. If you have a lot of books and different genres, have a box for each genre. Slap a price tag on it and you are good to go. In addition, you should put the more valuable stuff in the back. This way people who want to see them will have to go through your whole sale and maybe something else may catch their eye. In addition, if you need help to move your furniture, give a call to professionals or just call a couple of your friends. You can even “bribe” them with some discounts!


The only thing left is the pricing. This entirely depends on your preferences. You should make sure that everything is priced properly so you actually sell the stuff. You do not want to have a sale and not sell much stuff. So, when a customer asks if you can lower the price of a certain item, do not be afraid to do so. It will benefit you in the long run. Having an item in your house just taking up space instead of taking a few bucks less for it is not a good deal.

Well, with all that said, good luck with your yard sale!

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