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How to pack your Woodside home for relocation

Packing might be one of the scariest moving chores for many people. It can seem like there is so much to do, and the activity itself can take quite a toll on you. It is draining both physically and emotionally, because you will need to first say goodbye to some of your stuff, and then proceed packing the rest. This is why you might even consider calling professional packing services NYC to pack your Woodside home for relocation instead of you. However, there is much that you can do that will ease this process – either for you or the movers. In this article, we take a look at some of the activities and steps you need to go through before you start your moving process.

Good organization is the key if you want to pack your Woodside home for relocation with ease

Let’s start with the basics. The first thing you will need to realize is that moving can be quite stressful. As a matter of fact, you will most likely be under a lot of stress. However, a large chunk of it goes on the fact that you are fighting unknowns. Especially when you are moving for the first time, a lot of things will be unfamiliar and strange for you. In order to fight this, there are two things you will want to do.

a man making a list
Create an inventory list to ease the packing.

First, you will want to carefully plan your packing process. Go through each room and decide what you will take with you and what stays behind. If you have any trouble making your decision, think of the last time you used an item. If you are not using it often, then you do not want to move it to Woodside. Instead, it will be much cheaper to just buy a replacement than pay for transportation.

Grab a pen and paper and create a moving inventory. Jot down the condition all your items are in. This way, you will be able to track them with ease during the trouble. You will also know exactly if they suffered any damages or not. This is important for your insurance policy, so make sure to take note of it!

Secondly, contact professional movers NYC. They will have years of experience in the moving industry. This way, they will help you plan and pack your Woodside home for relocation. What’s more, if the whole process seems too daunting for you, you can just pick the items to pack and call them. After that, they will do the packing instead of you. Yours is just to point them in the right direction.

Start thinking about the packing supplies

The next on your list of chores should be packing supplies. Now, this is an essential part of the process. The way in which you will pack your items will guarantee their safety – or it will lead to things going awry. So, you will need to be extra careful both with how you pack your items, and what materials you are using.

When it comes to the materials, the first thing that pops into anyone’s mind is probably the moving boxes. These are a staple of every move – you cannot do it without them. However, it’s which ones you pick that matters. First, there are new boxes you can get as well as the used ones. Both can work, but they have their own pros and cons.

The moving boxes are essential when you want to pack your Woodside home for a relocation

Obviously, new bosses are sturdier and tougher to break. This will mean that you can keep your items safer, and you might even be able to stack the boxes on top of each other. This gives you more room in the moving truck or the storage unit because you are using the vertical space. What’s more, they are usually quite easy to find. All you need to do is contact your movers in Woodside NY or go to your local hardware store. However, these can be on the more expensive side. Therefore, many choose to use half-prized boxes.

moving boxes
Try to use a variety of moving boxes when packing your Woodside home for a relocation

Used boxes are not as sturdy, but they are usually much cheaper than the new ones. However, you should keep in mind that they might have been through some stuff. This really depends on how the person before you used them, but the boxes might already have some tears or dents. Unfortunately, this can compromise the safety of your items. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to use them or not.

When it comes to the sizes, you should try to use boxes of multiple sizes for your move. Usually, the rule is that you pack heavy items in the small boxes, light items in the large or extra-large ones, and everything else in the middle size boxes. To illustrate, you might be tempted to pack all your books into a large box. However, lifting this box will be tough – even for the pros. Similarly, linens, sheets, blankets, or pillows will not even be able to fit in small boxes – and thus, they go into the large ones.

Other packing supplies are also essential

Only boxes alone will not be able to keep all your items safe. To help further secure your items, you will need extra packing supplies. There are many things to discover here. For example, you can use different padding materials to put between your items. Most common, though, is packing peanuts – but you can also crumple up some packing paper or newspaper for a similar effect.

bubble pack
Bubble pack is probably the most common packing supply out there.

When it comes to wrapping your items, you can use packing paper or moving blankets (for the bigger stuff). Even though they might seem like an extra step when trying to pack your Woodside home for relocation, they are quite essential. They will protect your items from any bumps or scratches – and some materials also help to keep the moisture away from the item. Make sure you inquire about these when you request a quote from your moving company.

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