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How to pack your office like a pro

By now, you have probably run into people saying that moving is a tough process. Even if you are doing it for the very first time, you can imagine just how much time it will require. Things get even more fun when it is an office you need to relocate. Imagine moving your family – and then multiply that work! There are also special furniture items that you need to take care of – like all your sensitive electronics! If you are not careful, this can easily turn into a disaster! That’s why it is really important to have good movers on your side, and IPS NYC Movers are just who you need to pack your office like a pro! In this article, though, we will give you some helpful packing tips if you want to get a head start!

Before you pack your office like a pro, you need to find and plan your new office space!

This is just simple logistics – there can be no packing your office if you don’t know exactly what you will have in the new one. There is no sense packing up all your desks if you can only fit a handful in the new space. So, before you even start thinking about packing up, make sure you know where you are going. Figure out the reason why you are moving your office. Are you looking for lower rent or you need more office space? Do you want to be closer to your buyers, or you want easier commuting for your employees. All of these things will affect your move, and therefore – how you pack the office.

Have a plan of where everything goes.

Then, you will want to create a moving team. Pick one (or a couple) of people from each department, sit down with them and create a moving checklist. Write down the whole moving process step by step, and have them talk to the employees in each department. Let them talk about the new moving space. Ask around what your people didn’t like in your current one, and how you can improve it. Remember – boosting your employees’ satisfaction will boost the work output – and now is the perfect time for that!

After that, you can sit down and look over the blueprints for your new space. Once you know what you can and cannot change in it, you can start making a packing list. Only now that you know what you can replace – or what you need to buy – can you know how to properly pack your office like a pro – with a plan and a good moving team!

Good communication is really important

Keeping the conversation going between all the parties involved in your office move is really important. From your moving team and the employees, over the commercial movers NYC to your clients – everyone should know about your move, as well as their roles in it. Only when this happens can you set out to pack your office like a pro, which will take a lot of time and effort.

a meeting
Make sure everyone knows what’s happening at all times.

However, keeping in mind that this communication is really important, there is a huge way in which your employees can – and should – help you pack the office. You should not be transporting their personal belongings. Especially in bigger offices, this can take a lot of time to arrange. You would need to pack them, transport them and then unpack and sort them out. What’s more, they will only add to your moving budget. Also, you might need to repair or replace some if something were to happen to these items.

This is why the representatives of each department should explain to the employees that they need to pack their own personal items. Then, they can transport them to the new office space once the move is done. This is a practice that the majority of companies do because it makes life easier for everyone. You will not have to worry about others’ items and your wallet won’t be under so much stress. Meanwhile, your employees will personally take care of their items, instead of losing them somewhere in the moving grind. This way, they will also help you pack your office like a pro easier!

Focus on IT department to pack your office like a pro

This might seem unfair to everyone else, but your IT department should be your priority when packing your office for a move. This is because, without the IT department, there is no company. This is where all your databases are kept. The IT department will usually keep a record of all transactions, projects, products, services, etc. Finally, they usually worry about cybersecurity as well! So, securing them during the move is a must!

There is also a lot that you can say about the dangers of moving such heavy and expensive equipment. If you don’t pack and protect them properly, a lot can go awry during the move. This is why many people choose to call professional packing services NYC – since they can genuinely pack your office like a pro!

server room
Your server room is important!

If not, then you will need to make sure that they move into the new office gradually during the moving process. You might want to go as far as to set them up first in the new space. That way, once the other furniture hits the new place, your company will be able to start running immediately. And since wasting time in the business world means you are wasting money, hitting the ground and running is what you want!

Finally, you might want to use this time and talk to your IT representative about upgrading the department during the move. That way, you won’t only pack your office like a pro, but you will be able to boost its performance in a new space without losing too much time!

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