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How to pack dishes and glasses for a move

Packing is often the toughest, longest, and most exhausting moving chore. The main reason for this is that you want to be very thorough with it. If you pack your items carelessly, then you will meet a nasty surprise once you open the boxes in your new home. Not even professional moving companies Queens NY can save your items by transporting them well if you were careless when packing them. Therefore, you will need to learn how to properly secure your items for the journey. However, when you are dealing with fragile items – like your dinnerware, the task becomes even more challenging. Luckily, we are here to help you. In this article, we go over the necessary steps you need to take to pack dishes and glasses for a move. Read this article and all your items will be safe and sound during the trip.

Choose what packing supplies you will use

One of the most important steps you can take is to carefully choose which packing supplies you will use. Of course, the better supplies, the safer your trip will be. This is why so many people call professional packers NYC for help – or at least for guidance when choosing what moving boxes and supplies to use.

Usually, for packing dishes, dish barrels are the optimal choice. These are specially shaped boxes made of stronger, thicker cardboard. This way, they can absorb way more travel shock than a box with regular cardboard would. Therefore, dish barrels are – as the name suggests – perfect for packing your dishes. However, a thing to remember here is that they also cost a little more than a regular box would. So, you will have to plan your budget well in order to get a few.

fragile dinnerware
You need to be especially careful when packing fragile items like plates and glasses.

If you do end up using regular moving boxes NYC, then you will want to secure them well. You need to tape the bottoms and tops correctly so nothing falls through. This is an essential step – especially when packing fragile items like dishes and glassware. You will want a strong packing tape instead of the regular masking tape or duct tape that you think of first.

The final thing to remember when you want to pack dishes and glasses for a move correctly is to use a lot of padding. Here, any paper will work – but make sure you wash your dishes well if you use the newspaper. The ink can stain the plates – and can be dangerous because you can consume it with food. The best alternative is white packing paper, which you can buy in bulk.

    How to pack your glasses for a move

    The number one rule of packing glasses and glassware is to pack the heaviest and sturdiest items first. If you are putting a lot of things in one box, these go at the bottom, and you build up towards the most fragile items in the upper half of your box. For example, glass mugs and items from thicker glass will go to the bottom, while thin wine or champagne glasses will go on top. If you do it upside down, then the heavy items can weight on the lighter once, pressing them and breaking them. This is one of the reasons why you will see the “fragile” sign with the “this side up” arrow showing the residential movers NYC how to put the box on the moving truck.

    use fragile signs when you pack dishes and glasses for a move
    Everyone has seen the “fragile” signs – whether in real life or on the television.

    However, you will not simply stack these items on top of each other. You will want to wrap them correctly – and use a lot of packing material to do this. First, you start with a “buffer” on the bottom of the box. This can be anything from old clothes to some moving blankets. The goal is to protect the items on the bottom from jumping inside the box and crashing against the floor. The same thing applies to the top of the box too. Leave a couple of inches free for this padding. You will also want to add some packing peanuts or similar buffer in between all your glasses for extra protection.

    When it comes to actually packing each glass and item, you will want to wrap them individually. If there are openings in the item you will want to fill these with crumpled paper first. This will serve as extra cushioning for the items.

    How to pack plates for a move

    You will do a similar process when it comes to packing plates. However, the main difference here is that you will want to stack these at some point during the packing process. First, wrap each plate individually. Secure the wrapping so that the plate doesn’t move or shift inside it, and that it has enough of a thick layer of protection. Then, start stacking them. You will want to create a stack of 5-6 plates, and then wrap this stack in some more packing paper.

    stacks of plates
    Keep your plates in stacks and you should not have any problems.

    This way, you give your plates further protection. When they are “alone” in the moving box, they can slide around, shuffle, and therefore break. When you are working with stacks, this becomes a bit harder. They are more stable and less prone to bumping each other – or breaking if they do. Similarly to glasses, you will want to put the heaviest items on the bottom and then work your way to the top.

    Following these tips, you should be able to pack dishes and glasses for a move with ease. Make sure you take your time – moving in a hurry is possible, but you are increasing the risk of damages. Give proper attention to each move, and you will not find a terrible surprise at the end of your moving day.

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