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How to pack and organize a storage unit?

Can’t say goodbye to your items but you do not have any more space? Then, it is time to rent a self-storage unit. There are many other reasons for renting storage. For example, you plan to downsize, free up some space for the new items, store your winter gear, and so on. However, you should not throw your items inside, close the door, and call it a day. There is no point in renting a unit and making a mess. You can damage your items this way and waste your money. For this reason, it is important to pack and organize a storage unit so you can maximize storage space and keep your items safe. Here are the top six tips for organizing your unit.  

Create an inventory list when you need to pack and organize a storage unit 

If you have a lot of items to store, you need to make an inventory list. The reason is simple. You can forget about certain smaller items after some time. One day, you will want to wear your red sweater, but you will not be able to find it anywhere. Then, just check your inventory list and see if it is in your storage. For this reason, dedicate your time to making one since it will be useful and time-saving. Before you start gathering packing supplies, take several sheets of paper and note down all the things you want to store. In addition to this, you can take photos as well. Use one USB to store your pictures there. Keep the USB and the inventory list in the same place. Lastly, you should make a map so you can locate your items in the unit faster. 

Gather all the necessary packing supplies 

Packing supplies are important. Every affordable moving companies NYC will agree. It would be wise to invest in quality packing materials. Boxes will protect your items from any unfavorable conditions. For this reason, you should buy or get for free as many as you need. Just make sure they are in good condition. The cardboard boxes are suitable for a climate-controlled storage unit. However, if you plan to rent an ordinary self-storage unit, then you should invest in plastic bins. Cardboard attracts mice. Therefore, your items might be in danger. On the other hand, plastic bins are not exactly as cheap as cardboard boxes. Still, they are sturdy and durable. In addition to this, if you get clear plastic bins, you can locate your items faster. You will save time by not opening every single cardboard box to find one item you need. 

a dog in a box
Get all the necessary packing supplies

Disassemble large furniture 

When you need to pack and organize your storage unit, you should come up with a plan that will maximize the space. For this reason, do not waste space and your money on renting a big unit just because you stored large furniture inside. Rather, you should disassemble large furniture, thus saving space and money. However, it can be difficult to disassemble the furniture if you do not have prior experience or knowledge. If you are not moving, you cannot even ask Astoria movers to do the job for you. Luckily, if you have a manual or if you can find a tutorial on the Internet, you do not have to worry. Simply follow the instructions. As for organizing your piece of furniture, put them in a vertical position at the back of the storage. Mattresses should be stored lying down. That is the only exception. 

How to pack and organize a storage unit –  large and heavy items 

As mentioned above, you should store large and heavy items at the back of your storage. For this reason, start with large and heavy belongings. You should place them in a vertical position since you will save space with this strategy. However, if you cannot disassemble some large furniture, use them for storing. For example, you can use a table as a shelf. Next, heavy boxes should go at the bottom and lighter boxes at the top. Now onto the items. Items that you will need more frequently should be put at the front. Those items include winter gear, swimming suits, boots, hats, electronic devices, important documents, and similar. In addition to this, do not forget to label the boxes. This is especially important for frequently used items. The reason is simple. You can save time by looking at the map and reading the labels. 

books on shelf
Use your bookshelf for storing boxes

More tips for packing and organizing a storage unit 

Remember to put your items into a vertical position. Stack your boxes high but not out of your reach. In addition to this, you should check if they are stable. If you are storing a bookshelf, use it for smaller boxes and items. Then, you should leave a path clear so you can reach all the boxes. If not, then you will waste time taking out all the boxes to find the one you need and putting them back in again. It is also quite stressful to look for something you cannot find. Therefore, make a map, an inventory list, and label boxes to reduce the stress of desperately searching for something. Lastly, remember that labeling your boxes is extremely important. Use a permanent marker or printed labels.  

goods on shelf
Organize your unit like a supermarket

Few tips on finding a storage unit 

Since now you know how to pack and organize a storage unit, it is time to rent one as well. Here are a couple of important tips to follow. 

  • Check the company 
  • Go and inspect the storage unit 
  • Check their security measures 
  • See what you cannot store inside.  
  • Find the right size of the storage unit as it should not be too big or too small 
  • Use waterproof plastic bags for small electronic devices and cords 
  • Make sure to clean the unit before placing your items inside 

It is important to find a good storage unit, so do not opt for the cheapest one but for the best one.

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