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How to organize  your storage unit like a pro

Neat homes and storage units are very pleasing to the eye. Well organized storage units aren’t just for people who need frequent access. If you’ve put something in your unit, it means something to you. So do not let the pile of what not overflow your storage. Just like your home, your unit needs to be well taken care of and organized well. So, let us help you organize your storage unit like a pro.

Clean and declutter your storage unit first

Just like your home, before taking care of the stuff inside it, you need to clean it first. Piling up things you do not need weather in your home or storage space is not necessary. It takes up space for something that needs storage more. So, prioritizing items if you want to organize your storage unit like a pro is a must.

A cluttered storage unit you need to declutter before you organize your storage unit like a pro
Declutter first before you organize your storage unit like a pro

If something was unfortunately damaged during storage, and you can not repair it, toss it away. For everything else, you can rely on packing supplies NYC to cover it. Anything that will not serve you any purpose or is not a dear memory may go away. It might be difficult at first, but it will be worth it. Ask for help from your family members to organize your storage unit. You can keep each other on track about what is necessary and what is not. Besides, the process will be much faster with someone’s help.

Sell, donate or toss away

The items you have decided not to keep can be divided into three piles: toss, sell or donate. Selling some of the stuff can help you finance a part of necessities you may be required to buy. Since organizing the best way possible is the goal here, opt-out to buy something that will serve you well. This will cut your expenses and not damage your house budget a lot. Piano movers NYC will help you deal with the precious instrument, so do not toss it.  But even without selling, buying supplies to organize your storage space will not be expensive. Donating is always a good choice and you can almost certainly find an organization willing to take some of the stuff. You will be doing a good deed and trust us when we say, it feels amazing.

We have already mentioned that the throwing away pile is for stuff that no longer has a purpose for you, nor somebody else. If there is no such pile in your storage unit that is fine as well. But if you notice it is getting crowded in there, consider upgrading to a bigger unit to fit your needs.

Create an inventory list if you want to  organize your storage unit like a pro

Since you are digging through your stuff to organize your storage space, you might as well make an inventory list. It is important that you keep track of your items in the unit by having a list and to know their place. Trust us, some of the staff are easy to remember, but tiny items are not. Update the list whenever something new goes into storage and keep that list someplace visible. Might as well have a copy of it at home if you need to know whether something is in storage or not.

Alongside the inventory list, you might as well make a map out of your storage. Do that later as you start sorting out and labeling boxes. This will save you so much time in the events of needing anything like withering clothes immediately. The work you are putting in, to organize your storage unit like a pro will pay off big time.

Buy suitable supplies and label everything

While moving can be done via cardboard boxes and sometimes all sorts of alternatives, think twice before storing in them. Some of the items in your unit may be too delicate for soft cardboard to keep them safe. So that money you gathered from selling, put it into good use. Clear, plastic containers are ideal for storing. Label your items the right way before storing them.

labeling markers
Use bright colored markers to label the moving process

Plastic bins let you see your belongings and it makes your life easier. Clear bins alongside an inventory list and a map will give you quick and easy access.  Clear bins are also great for keeping the stuff extra safe. They also stack one on top of the other so they also save space.

Clean everything when putting it into storage

Besides cleaning out and decluttering your storage unit, there is more. Everything that goes into the storage unit must be clean as well. When you want to organize your storage unit like a pro, make sure to:

  1. Wipe and wash all appliances
  2. Clean and wax wooden furniture, disassemble it first
  3. Wash and dry your clothes
cleaning kit
Clean your items before storing them

Clean storage units and items inside it will provide you quick access if needed. Besides keeping the hygiene level on point witch is also a huge plus.

Store with priority

When you are done managing everything, it is time to put it back into storage. There is no way you went through all of this just to shove it back in no order whatsoever. No way! Just as you prioritized what stays and what goes, this is prioritizing as well. In the back goes stuff that you do not use often. To organize your storage unit like a pro means to think through what do you need.

Storage units
Put the items you don’t use in the back of the storage unit

Bulky furniture goes in the back for example. When stacking plastic bins, stack in order of use. On the bottom is the least used items. On the top of the piles place fragile and often used items. Storing items for a long time need quality preparation.  This may refer to winter clothes, office supplies, kids stuff, etc.

We know you will organize your storage unit like a pro! Ask for some help from your friends and family if needed, follow some of our advice and voila! You have organized like a professional. Also, you will be able to guide our friends to do the same!

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