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How to move your plants to a new home

Moving is always a stressful and challenging task. Especially if you have some plants to move, it can be tricky. There is a long list of tasks. You can rely on local moving companies NYC residents have recommended to relocate your items or you can do it yourself. When it comes to plants, before moving them, you should prepare them. So here are some tips to move your plants to a new home.

Prepare your plants

You have spent days, months, or years cultivating your plants so it is normal that you don’t want to just go and leave them. As already said, before moving you need to prepare your plants. Make a good plan, think about what you can do, and what do you need to safely relocate them. Many moving companies do not accept relocating the plants but still, there are some of them. So make sure you get in touch with some of the best movers NYC has to offer. Check with them if it is possible to relocate your plants.

plants can with water
Before the moving water your plants.

In case you want to take care of relocating your plants yourself then make a plan and start. If you have some small house plants you can leave them in their original pots and just put them in some box. Just make sure they are not moving in that box or boxes. It would be good to stuff the gaps in the box with paper to prevent the plants from moving around. You should be careful with the plants, they opt for some special conditions, so it would be good to transport them in some climate-controlled vehicle. To help you, here is a list of steps you can take to prepare your plants for the move:

  • re-pot them and provide some plastic pots
  • provide some gardening tools
  • take care of the temperature
  • water them
  • trim your plants
  • check the law regulations before you move your plants to a new home
  • provide some boxes for the small house plants

Check law regulations before you move your plants to a new home

There is one more thing that you need to pay attention to – the law regulations concerning the plants. This is necessary if you are moving to another country. Certain countries do not allow bringing some of the species in their country. The US Department of Agriculture requires inspections of plant materials. This is to prevent pests or growing some species that are not allowed in their country. So, be careful with that too. So, in the beginning, you should check with the moving company if they are going to move your plants as well as other items.

Re-pot your plants

The preparations of your plants is a bit more complicated than preparing your other items. It should start a few weeks before the move. So, a few weeks before the move, remove the dead leaves and branches from your plants and give them a good prune. Then, you can remove the dust from them but also pests and weed. To make the move easier, you can buy some easier and plastic pots so you re-pot the plants into them instead of moving them with their original heavy pots.

In case you have some massive pots or some gardening tools that you don’t want to relocate now, you can rent some of the Astoria storage units and place these items there. By doing this you can give yourself some time to think where you can place certain plants and if the pots in the storage will fit in your new house. If you don’t want to move to some plants or you do not have enough place in your new house, you can give them to some friends.

If it is possible, avoid the summer season, when temperatures are hot, the air is dry, and the sun is strong. Of course, you can relocate the plants during the summer season but it demands additional efforts and protection.

If you have some small house plants you can put them together in a box.

Water the plants

This is very important. If you water enough the plant, the soil, and the roots will be enough hydrated. If you do what is needed it will be a lot easier to transport the plant and not to worry if it will survive the relocation. Of course, be careful with the watering, you don’t want to drown the plants.

Trim your plants

To keep your plants healthy and help them to survive the moving, you should what you can to help them. It would be good to trim your plant, remove dead stems and leaves to prevent your plants from wasting the energy on these dead parts. Trim the dead parts and water the plants the night before the move.

Re-planting after you move your plants to a new home

When you have finally arrived and settled in your new home it is time to dig the plants from these plastic pots and plant them in their original pots. Make sure you have some proper garden tools. You can water the plant, then use a trowel to dig a ring around the plant. Be careful when doing this, you don’t want to cut the roots. Be sure you go wide enough around the plant. Remove the plant from the earth and place it in a pot with soil. You can water the plant again. Make sure the plant is not directly on the sunlight at least for the first few days. It might take some time for the plants to adjust to the new environment.

plants window
When you come to your new home you can re-plant your plants.

Move your plants to a new home

These are some tips that could help you to move your plants to a new home. Do what is possible to protect them. If it is possible do not pack them in the moving truck. But if you have to do that, make sure you pack them last so when you arrive at your new home you can get them out first and put them somewhere safe. Follow these tips and everything will be just fine.

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