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How to move your piano with ease

So, you have decided to move your piano to your new home but don’t know how! Don’t worry! Although people believe moving a piano is hard work, it can actually be pretty easy! Since we thought about it, we wrote a guide filled with tips and tricks on how to move your piano with ease! If you want to know more about it, please continue reading!

You need to prepare before in order to move your piano with ease

Preparation is the key to everything! Especially when it comes to moving such a large thing as a piano. There are a couple of things you need to do before you even begin moving it. First things first, start by collecting all the necessary packing materials you will need for your relocation! Starting with cardboard boxes! It doesn’t matter if they are used or new since you will use them to protect the floors and to wrap around the piano! Also, you will need a lot of packing rope and straps, in order to lift your piano. There are also other items you need to have in order to move your piano with ease. Those are just some basic tools you will need in order to dismantle the piano legs if you are moving a concert piano.

Blankets you can use to move your piano with ease
In order to move your piano with ease wrap it in old blankets first

While you are preparing your piano for your relocation, you can get lost in all the other things you need to do for your move. Especially if you are moving locally! Now, it is a good idea to leave it all to the local movers NYC to take care of you! That way you can focus more on moving your piano with no stress at all!

The must-have items for piano relocation

If you truly wish to move your piano with ease, then there are some important items you need to have before you even begin. They will make your relocation a lot easier and you won’t have any issues moving your piano! Whatever the type of piano you are moving, be it grand piano, concert piano or pianino, you will have to have these items. And they include:

  • Cardboard pads as we already mentioned before! You can use them for both packing and wrapping!
  • A ramp at the van or a truck is a good idea since there is no other way to lift the piano into the moving truck anyway!
  • Straps you will use to lift the piano while you carry it!
  • A dolly with its straps – you will most definitely use this for your piano transportation!
  • Any other material for wrapping is ok – and by that, we mean big towels, blankets, etc.
  • Protection items such as work gloves, glasses, helmets, and shoes for obvious reasons!
Straps on a box
Straps are important when you are about to lift heavy objects

These items are just one of the basic things you must have if you wish to move your piano with ease! Although some of them you already have in your household, some you will have to buy from the stores. All in all, you will have to prepare in order to pack and move your piano. On the other hand, if you get a professional packing services NYC then you don’t have to worry about other items in your home! You can devote more time to preparing your piano for the relocation!

Avoid any injuries

One thing is very important when it comes to moving your piano! And that is to prepare well for it and to protect yourself at all times. Since safety is an important issue when it comes to piano moving, you will have to have all the necessary items in order to protect yourself against any injuries. And, as we mentioned before, you will need to have proper gloves, straps, boots, and helmets. Remember it is very easy to get injured when moving your piano so you will have to know all the tips and tricks of it! One thing especially you have to know is how to lift heavy objects! That’s the best way to be sure you won’t injure yourself during your piano moving!

a safety shoe stepping on a nail
It’s easy to get injured if you don’t know what you are doing

Clear all the obstacles in your home

In order to move your piano with ease, you need to make sure the path is cleared. Calculate whats the shortest, quickest and the safest way to move your piano through your home! Once you do this, you will have to clear the path of everything that might get in the way! When you are about to move your piano, you need to make sure you won’t trip over anything in your home!

There are ways you can easily avoid this! Once you decide it is time to move, you can start by packing everything else before moving your piano! The best thing to do is to know how to properly pack for NYC relocation! Once you know this, other things will come naturally and without any stress!

You will need your friends to help

This is not something you can do all by yourself! You will certainly need at least two more friends to help you move your piano with ease! Since we are talking about big and heavy items you will have to have a couple of friends with you! One friend in the front, one in the back, and one or two at the sides of the piano. This is the best way to make sure the piano is stable during the lifting and carrying phase! And in order to be sure no one will get injured, you should all wear comfortable clothing also! Comfortable clothes are just one of the things you need in order to make a good moving to NYC checklist!

Once you read our article you will find out just how simple it is to move your piano with ease! We hope our article gave you all the info you need for your piano relocation! And if you wish to add something to it, feel free to do it in the comment section!


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