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How to make your Queens home seem bigger?

The whole moving process can be both exciting and exhausting. No matter if you move for work or starting a new life alone or with your family. A new city, state, and even neighborhood is something that you need time to adjust after the whole relocation. Queens is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in New York City. After the relocation and the whole unpacking process, it is time to make your Queens home seem bigger. Moving companies in Queens NY will help you with the relocation.  And our tips and tricks will help to make your Queens home seem bigger.

Things you need to know about Queens

Queens is the largest borough in NYC with 109 square miles with a population of 2.3 million. It is a perfect place to get away from the intensity of other parts of New York while remaining close to it all. Here are some things you should know before moving to Queens.

  • Queens is diverse – Over 160 languages are spoken in Queens.movin
  • Home of the US Open – Since1978, the U.S. Open has been played at the USTA Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Flushing which attracts a lot of tennis lovers.
  • Some of NYC’s Best Beer Gardens Are in Queens – The Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden is the best place to grab a beer. If rooftops with skyline views are more to your taste,  then you will like Estate Garden Grill.
  • Home to one of the famous piano company – Steinway and Sons have been manufacturing pianos in Astoria since 1870. The pianos are still handmade today, and you can take a factory tour to see how the pianos are made. Also, check out piano movers NYC in order to safely relocate your piano.
  • The second-largest Chinatown is in Queens – It’s a great place for Southeast Asian, Indian, Taiwanese, and Korean food among the dumplings, fried noodles, and bubble tea.
  • It is a final resting place of a famous magician – Harry Houdini was buried in the Machpelah cemetery after his death in 1926.

Just like preparing your move, you can also prepare to make your Queens home seem bigger. You can use the items that you already got from your old home. You don’t need to buy new and expensive things.  Check out a second-hand, antique, and retail stores.

living room
Make your home seem bigger by using some tricks.

Decorating tips that will make your Queens home seem bigger

In a small home or an apartment, every room should be multi-functional. In smaller spaces, there is no room for anything big. Since you are going to rearrange all your rooms, it will be the best time to check if your new place has bugs or anything else that is crawling. One of the best bed bug exterminator NYC will help you with that!

  • Neutral and light wall colors – Stick to the light and neutral colors when it comes to the walls. Our recommendation is beige or gray,  especially on the first floor. Neutral walls will give you more flexibility in decoration, and they will allow you to easily switch your accessories. You can try out some more innovative interior painting ideas, like color blocking, stenciling, and sponging. If you have the courage and are skilled enough to do it.
  • Living room – Avoid pushing your furniture against the wall when it comes to the living room. A lot of people think that it will make the room bigger. But actually, moving the furniture away from the walls makes the room feel a lot larger. Organize it in a U-shape or H-shape. Use a sofa and two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table when it comes to U-shape. The H-shape with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in the middle should be ideal.
  • Wall decoration – It is all about creativity. Don’t be afraid to try different styles in order to get a perfect composition with your paintings.
  • Let the light in your rooms – Window dressing should be elegant and functional. Use lightweight fabrics for panels such as cotton, linen, silk.
  • Plants – Are the best decorating tips once you relocate, and they will look amazing!
room windows
Choosing the apartment with larger windows or installing them will make your home seem bigger.


One of the most decorating tips, once you relocate, is mirrors. It all starts with careful placement of them. They make a difference in every room. By placing mirrors across from windows or door frames, you can catch a glimpse of the outdoors or other rooms on their surface, making your space appear larger and more open. You should at least have one mirror in each room.

Your rug should fit all the legs and your sofas when it comes to your living room. That will define your sitting area. The front two legs of the sofa and chairs should rest on it at least. A smaller rug will make things look out of scale and proportion. Use some tricks to raise the ceiling. We suggest that you hang your curtains higher than the windows. That will trick your eye into thinking the room is taller. You will have to go with custom drapes in order to put them higher than your windows.

Placing a mirror in the house is always a good trick.

Lightning is also very important if you want to open your space and make your Queens home seem bigger.  If you have a high ceiling you can alternatively use hanging lights, instead of recessed lighting, to make your room more welcoming.  You can always hire an interior designer who will rearrange your home for you and make your Queens home seem bigger. In case you have some extra cash to spend on. They are not cheap, but will certainly do the job for you in case you don’t have enough time to deal with it by your self. But if you want to do it on your own, these tips and tricks are going to be useful for you to know!

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